Jed Zarb Mountain Man - The Extended Play

Jed Zarb Mountain Man - The Extended Play

With the release of Jed Zarb's EP, Mountain Man – The Extended Play, there can be no doubt why he's one of the Blue Mountain's favourite sons. It's a dedication to all things 'Blueys', though given the national audience's reception to previous singles, it speaks to so much more.

The EP was recorded at Saul Santilli Studios in Riverstone, NSW, and was produced by Zarb himself. 'I'm so excited to present my maiden EP to all my followers and the world,' he says. 'It's been such a long time coming.'

The EP features previously released singles including 'Hillbilly Cider', which rocketed to #1 on the iTunes Country Singles Chart, the Country Songs Top 40 and the Australian Country Radio Chart, to name a few, as well as 'Mountain Man' and 'Battled Scarred Guitar' (#8 and #4 respectively on the Country Songs Top 40). It also includes a new track titled 'Song for Rosie', on which Zarb sings, in all his eternal wisdom, that "it's no good feeling sorry for yourself."

It's unlikely that Zarb is feeling sorry for himself, given he not only has a new EP out, but is also returning to live performance on Friday November 20 at the Windsor Function Centre. 'The Live Launch will define a lifelong dream,' he says, 'and I'll also be road testing new songs for the album.' By the sounds of things, it's a show not to be missed, and his faithful fans from the mountains will be turning up in droves for the performance, excited to hear all their favourite songs as well as the promised new material.

If you can't catch the Mountain Man in performance, rest easy knowing that this jampacked EP will be followed by new material. It's safe to say that Zarb has plenty more mountains to move in the not-so-distant future.