Audrey Mae Do It On My Own

Audrey Mae Do It On My Own

Audrey Mae is excited to release her spirited single Do It On My Own. An expansive sing-along anthem to self- empowerment.
With the grit of Grimes and the soaring melodic lines of Florence and The Machine, Do It On My Own was written amid a sad relationship. The initial inspiration taking on an extra dimension in 2020 when looking through the lens of the pandemic.
Do it on my own was written in collaboration and recorded at a home studio with producer Timself. The pair had a songwriting class together during their time at University and began collaborating on Do It On My Own. Timself was responsible for the production side of things while Audrey Mae wrote the lyrics. This resulted in an amazing creative team and a beautiful friendship between the two musicians. Two years later Do It On My Own has finally come to life.

Audrey Mae's debut single 'Jeffrey' in which she explores the feelings of frustration and betrayal from a partner was featured by saying "The inquisitive mind and active imagination of Audrey Mae's songwriting is palpably futuristic, and cinematic."

'Do It On My Own was and still is my backbone and I hope it can be of use to anyone not only struggling in a relationship, but also struggling due to the isolated circumstances present in the world right now. This can be an anthem of empowerment for anyone feeling lost and  alone in the world, no matter what the cause.' - Audrey Mae

Audrey Mae hopes that this single can empower not only anyone struggling to leave a relationship, but to also be an anthem for everyone at home in lockdown, struggling with their own fears of being alone. The feeling of isolation is ever-present in a relationship with no love, and it is present throughout our communities during the COVID-19 crises.