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Jam Shed

Chill out this Summer with Jam Shed wine
As days become warmer, Aussie wine lovers are on the lookout for the hottest trend to transition their favourite winter red to a cool summer drink. Jam Shed, known for its delicious and uncomplicated wines, invites you to lighten up this summer and throw out the rule book when it comes to red wine.

Chilling your reds is no old wives' tale, and many drops like Jam Shed Shiraz and Jam Shed Red Blend - show their best attributes when cooled down a touch, making them perfect for summer sipping. Sporting smooth, rich and fruit-driven profiles, Jam Shed wines are crafted for people who simply want to enjoy a quality drop at an affordable price all year around. The Jam Shed range also prides itself on being easy drinking, making it an excellent introduction to red wine for new wine drinkers.

Alison Baker, Jam Shed winemaker says, "Red wine is often misunderstood, and a common myth is that reds should be served at room temperature. Chilling wine allows the flavours to become focused, with the alcohol less evident and the structure tighter. Additionally, wines that are particularly fruit-forward can get lost when they are enjoyed too warm."

"Experiment with chilled reds over summer - whether it be serving Spanish-style Sangria or cooling down your favourite bottle of red in an ice bucket. Appreciating wine shouldn't be complicated and there is no right
or wrong way just find what you enjoy best".


Jam Shed Sangria (Jamgria)

The ultimate wine punch for summer entertaining, garden picnics, Christmas lunch or lazy warm evenings, this refreshing wine-infused drink is light and zesty on the palate. This fruity and festive drop is incredibly simple to whip up in a jam jar for one or carafe for sharing with friends. One of the best things about this Spanish-style drink is that just about anything goes - you can combine your favourite garnishes and fruit to match the occasion. Jam Shed Shiraz is the ideal base for a delicious Sangria; when it is cooled, its luscious fruity flavours balance the addition of fresh fruits and garnishes, accentuating hints of sweet cherry and cinnamon.

Jam Shed Wine Blocks

As temperatures soar, refreshment is the name of the game and 'Wine Blocks' is the latest frozen wine trend to try. Jam Shed Red Blend is the perfect base to add to ice block moulds. A blend of Cabernet, Merlot
and Petit Verdot, Red Blend offers pronounced scents of blackcurrants, raspberry jam, and vanilla pods, while boasting ripe, sweet blackcurrants and vanilla spice on the palate and finishing with soft velvety tannins. Simply combine a bottle of Jam Shed Red Blend, a sweetener of your choice, fresh or frozen berries and decant the mix into your ice block moulds. Seal, freeze overnight and enjoy!

Jam Shed On Ice

Adding ice to your wine is a great way to create a smooth drinking aperitif. As the ice melts, it dilutes and makes for a refined, versatile drink to enjoy before an alfresco meal on a warm summer's day. Using ice straight from the freezer gives the wine more chill with less dilution. Alternatively, you could try a whiskey 'ice cube' from stone or stainless steel. This will chill the wine quickly without weakening the structure or taste. Frozen fruit such as grapes can also work a treat.

Jam Shed Chill Out
Chilling a bottle of red can be done in one of three ways in the fridge, in the freezer or in an ice bucket. Each method will determine how quickly the wine takes to reach its ideal temperature. The fridge takes around 2.5 hours for red wine to reach its ideal temperature of 12°. In the freezer, it takes about 40 minutes. If you're short on time, a simple bath in salted water (add regular table salt) with ice will work quickly. Make sure to fully submerge the wine bottle once you the salted water and ice mixture are all set. In about 10 minutes or less, your wine will be ready to enjoy. Tip - be careful not to chill for too long, as when it comes to red wine, serving it too cold will make it slightly acidic.

Jam-packed with flavour, Jam Shed wines are sourced from vineyards across South-Eastern Australia,
predominantly the Riverland region in South Australia. Jam Shed wines have been inspired by the prestigious Jam Shed that played an essential role in developing both jam and wine production in the region for over 100 years. With a climate of endless sunshine, the Riverland area provides ideal conditions for ripe fruit flavours, creating juicy, mouth-watering wines with generous varietal characters.


Jam Shed Sangria Pop-Up, Grazeland Melbourne

Sit back, enjoy the sun and a jug of delicious Sangria at the Jam Shed Sangria pop-up bar at
. A unique outdoor dining and drinking experience overlooking the Yarra River in Melbourne's West.
Open every weekend, Friday 5pm 10pm, Saturday 12pm -10pm, Sunday 12pm -9pm.

Jam Shed Sangria Bar, Melbourne Racing Club

Giddy up and enjoy a chilled glass of flavoursome sangria trackside this summer. The Jam Shed Sangria Bar will be popping up at the Melbourne Racing Club in January and February. Grab some friends and head along for a day of fun, fashion, racing, and delicious Jam shed wines.

Australia Day Race Day, Wednesday 26 January

Caulfield Race Day, Saturday 5 February

C.F. Orr Stakes Family Day, Saturday 12 February

Neds Blue Diamond Stakes Day, Saturday 26 February

Jam Shed wines are available now in Liquorland, First Choice and independent retailers nationally at RRP $13.00.