The Clover Club Cocktail

The Clover Club Cocktail

The Clover Club is a beautiful, blush cocktail that dates back to pre-Prohibition times. This cocktail takes its name from a gentleman's club in Philadelphia, but has since conquered the world. Don't forget to dry shake this drink – it helps to build the delightful foamy head and body that is a must for any well-made Clover Club. Another delicious twist on the Gin Sour that is a sure-fire crowd pleaser.

60ml Gin - Gin Loot recommends Brookie's Byron Dry Gin
20ml Lemon juice (freshly squeezed)
20ml Sugar syrup (1 part sugar : 1 part water)
3-4 Fresh Raspberries
1 Egg white

Hawthorne Strainer Shaker
Fine Strainer Jigger

1. Add all your ingredients to the shaker.
2. Seal shaker without ice and shake to emulsify the egg white.
3. Fill shaker to the brim with cubes of ice
4. Shake hard for 30 seconds.
5. Fine strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
6. Squeeze lemon peel over the top of the cocktail and discard.