How to Raise a Man Megan De Beyer

How to Raise a Man Megan De Beyer

How can we raise boys to become good men? How can mothers, in particular, help their sons to walk through the world as considerate adults? Parenting expert Megan de Beyer is an international specialist parent psychologist and an expert in raising men, and in this essential book she shares her knowledge.

In this era of #metoo, it's evident that something is going wrong with the way men progress from childhood into adulthood, and few realise how critical the role of the purposeful and emotionally empowered mother is in a boy's journey to maturity. Teenagers need centred adults to guide them. If you are confused or irritated by your pre-teen or teenage son, or feel bewildered and hurt by his behaviour, this book will guide you to a clear understanding of teenagers in general and teenage boys in particular.

Written by a parenting expert, and drawing on Western psychology as well as Eastern philosophy, the processes and ideas in this practical guide will help you raise the man you want your son to be. In How to Raise a Man, as you learn more about the development of masculinity, identify your parenting style and familiarise yourself with the issues facing parenthood today, you will become a more compassionate, centred and effective parent.

About the author:
Megan De Beyer, MA (Psychology), Msc (Holistic Ecology), lives between Cape Town and Sydney. She is an international specialist parent psychologist and the mother of two young men. She is a prolific international speaker at events and conferences, and on television, radio and podcasts. She facilitates the popular course 'Strong Mothers – Strong Sons' that runs at most independent boys' schools in South Africa and Australia, in the USA and the UK.

How to Raise a Man
Hachette Australia
Author: Megan De Beyer
ISBN: 9780733645990
RRP: $32.99