Fight to Win Mark Bouris

Fight to Win Mark Bouris

'Anyone can better themselves, better their life, better their situation. You've got to think big. People have lost faith in the system, it's time to empower yourself.'

At a time of ultimate global disruption, many people are having to re-set their goals and take a new path. Mark Bouris is a self-made man who knows what that feels like. He sees this as an opportunity to change what isn't working.

The founder of two hugely successful financial institutions, he's watched Australia's enormous potential be squandered as entrepreneurship has been ignored, ingenuity has been punished and our reputation for boxing above our weight as a nation has been torn down. It's pissed him off. And now, more than ever, he knows we all have to be our best self, not throw in the towel and think it is all too hard. 

Growing up in the working-class suburb of Punchbowl in western Sydney, there were no silver spoons in the Bouris house. No easy rides. He learned quickly that he had to be his own best asset. To be resilient, focused and determined. To have energy, drive and a willingness to work his arse off. 

All of that was more valuable than any amount of money. It's what separated Mark from the pack, and what will help you stand out as well. You might be sitting there thinking, I can't do that, I can't do what he does, I can't be a Mark Bouris, it's all too difficult. But the fact is . . . you can. Anyone can. And in Fight to Win he's going to show you how.

About the author:
Mark Bouris has established a successful career, from building disruptive businesses to challenging the market and providing smarter solutions for consumers. He is the host of The Mentor podcast, as well as The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice. In 2015, he was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia for his significant service to the finance industry. He writes for some of Australia's most recognised publications, including News Corp's Money Saver HQ.

Fight to Win
Hachette Australia
Author: Mark Bouris
ISBN: 9780733645730
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