When The World Was Ours Liz Kessler

When The World Was Ours Liz Kessler

Vienna. 1936. Three young friends spend a perfect day together, unaware that around them Europe is descending into a growing darkness and that events will soon mean that they are ripped apart from each other as their lives take very different directions...

Inspired by a true story, When The World Was Ours is an extraordinary novel that is as powerful as it is heartbreaking and shows the bonds of love, family and friendship allow glimmers of hope to flourish, even in the most hopeless of times.

About the author:
Liz Kessler has written over twenty books for children and young adults. Most of these are middle grade books featuring mermaids, fairies, time travel, and superpowers. She lives in the UK.

When The World Was Ours
Simon & Schuster
Liz Kessler
ISBN: 9781471198298
RRP: $19.99