Home Office Essentials: A Guide For Creating The Perfect Setup

Home Office Essentials: A Guide For Creating The Perfect Setup

To work efficiently and effectively from home, you need to have the right tools and environment that will allow you to prosper. By creating a stimulating environment that minimizes distractions and provides you with the tools that you need to improve your productivity, you should thrive by working at home.

Ask yourself the following question. Do you think that your workspace is currently helping with your productivity? If it is, what things do you think you could do to improve your workspace. If not, then where do you think things are impacting you from being as productive as possible?

You must boldly admit the weaknesses that you have in your current work setup to improve your working environment for the better.

You can aim to create the perfect setup for your home office by following a few of the tips below.

Be inspired!

Firstly, you need to enjoy your working environment. Think to yourself 'What do I want to have in my space that will make me happy everyday?" Consider the use of space, colours, equipment, technology and interaction opportunities that can help you fulfil your requirements.

Aim to be a minimalist

You don't need to be an expert in interior design. But what you need to do is manage your workspace so that it is clear of clutter or anything that can cause distraction or procrastination. Get into the habit of keeping your workspace neat and tidy now!

To keep clutter to a minimum, seek out storage solutions for your working environment. This includes investing in:
Filing cabinets to keep your office organized.
Desks with storage drawers
Record management stationery

Additionally, to enhance your comfort in your workstation, you should ensure that you have a fully adjustable ergonometric chair with a well padded seat base.

Make your workspace improve your organisation

Be proactive with having an organized record-keeping system in your home office. Maintain hard copies of files with print outs and digital copies by scanning digital copies. Invest in a printer that suits your business requirements. Additionally, partner with an ink cartridges provider that can restock quality ink cartridge solutions as and when you need.

Invest in a good computer to speed up your efficiency and productivity

When it comes to selecting a computer, the choice that you will make will depend on the system requirements the computer can provide for your processing and development needs. If your work requires more processing of creative files, then an Apple Mac computer would be the way to go. However, if you are interested in processing documents and to do web browsing, then you would suffice with a PC desktop. Do some research on the benefits of the different operating systems that both run to get a better idea of which one would be more suited to your business.

Be sure to check out the RAM memory so you know how much the computer will be able to handle multiple applications running at the same time. Also check the compatibility for the type of software and applications that you will intend to use.

Ensure that you have the tools in your arsenal to fulfil the work requirements that you want to achieve

To be as productive as possible, you need to have the tools that will allow you to be as effective and as efficient as possible. If you decide to take shortcuts, our overall work will suffer.


Good lighting can reinforce positive energy and have you enhance your productivity. Ideally your office will get in a good amount of natural light. If this isn't possible, it is recommended that you setup the internal lights or lamps well to reinforce the positive energy in your working environment.


These will be the tools in your arsenal for you to make the most of your office. You should do a check to see the on-going costs and repurchasing requirements of any of the items that you will have in your office. Look out for items such as ink cartridges, paper, pens, folders, and notepads.

Consider connectivity

Don't forget to set up a good wireless and phone network to maintain strong communication signals within your office. It can be annoying if your phone doesn't receive good reception. It makes it difficult to speak to clients and personnel. Having the Wi-Fi drop out or a failure for your wireless devices to work together in synergy will also become problematic over the long term.

Give your workspace a personal touch

This is your working environment, so add elements such as photos, pictures, and breakout areas to make your office your ideal environment.

So incorporate these essential tips into your home office to improve your working productivity and efficiency.