Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

Leading a Healthy Lifestyle


  • Eat breakfast daily to improve memory, mood, energy levels and well-being.
  • Increase calcium, vitamin D, zinc and fibre by eating yoghurt, milk, cheese, red meat, fish, seafood, fortified breakfast cereals, fruit and vegetables.
  • Weight-bearing exercise and adequate calcium are crucial to prevent bone loss.
  • Eat meals regularly and have a nutritious afternoon snack to improve cognitive performance.
  • Lift intake of Vitamins A, C and E and fibre to cut breast cancer risk.
  • Eat foods rich in anti-oxidants and phytoestrogens, such as fruit, vegetables, grains and garlic to reduce risk of heart disease.
  • Nutrients in food work much better than those in pills and powders, which can have negative effects.
  • Avoid salty foods and don't add salt to meals and cooking because it interferes with calcium absorption.
  • Regular exercise and healthy eating are the keys to weight management.


A heart attack patient's first instinct may be to take things a little easy, but research suggests this could be a big mistake. Those who stay active after a first heart attack have a 60 per cent lower risk of a second or fatal attack.

It also held true for men, women, smokers and people with high or low cholesterol.

- Annemarie Failla


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