Harvest Box Snack Packs

Harvest Box Snack Packs

Harvest Box Snack Packs

Having sent almost two million healthy snacks to every postcode in Australia, Harvest Box has responded to feedback from its customers by releasing their favourite mixes in Coles stores nationwide as a range of Snack Packs. At a time when the spotlight on nutrition grows brighter and with three in five Australian adults classed as overweight or obese (Australian Government, 2013)¹, Harvest Box intends to bring healthy snacking to the masses with its Snack Pack range. The range, available in Coles since July, includes six good-for-you combinations of dried fruit, nuts, seeds and treats, from the seriously tempting Strawberry Milkshake to lunchbox favourite, Go Bananas, and energy-boosting trail mix, Super Mix, which features Queensland-grown pineapple.


Harvest Box has operated solely online until now, sending weekly snack boxes to subscribers via Australia Post. But the company's expansion into a retail space like Coles makes guilt-free snacking more accessible to health-, and taste-, conscious Australians than ever before. Co-founder, William Cook, explains the motivation behind the move:

'When we started Harvest Box four years ago, it was because we felt personally frustrated at the lack of good snacks out there – chips and chocolate are nice as a treat sometimes, but they don't leave you feeling great. Now, through the success of the Harvest Box subscription service, we know that millions of other people want to snack better. Our customers have been telling us for years that they'd like to be able to buy our mixes from their local supermarkets. Thanks to their support and Coles' confidence in the range, here we are!"

Having trialled all products in cafes, vending machines and convenience stores around Australia for the last 6 months, the Australian-made and owned, gluten-free range has received fantastic feedback, with customers full of positive comments about the bold packaging designs and distinctive flavour combinations. Harvest Box is already working on new mix options, as it plans to expand the range in the very near future in its mission to transform the Dried Fruit & Nut aisle into a healthier, tastier place.


In 2010, Harvest Box founder James Scott, William Cook and George Stooke launched into the subscription market, believing that a customer  relationship-based business model would perfectly accommodate the healthy snacking service they were offering. Four years and 80,000 customer registrations later, Harvest Boxes have become a common sight on desks and in homes all over the country. The company has sent almost 2 million punnets of fruit, nuts, seeds and crackers in total and has now posted boxes to every single postcode in Australia. With the Snack Pack range, Harvest Box aims to offer healthier snack options to a wider audience.

Review: Great combinations for a healthier option snack.  Even curbs the sugar craving.

RRP: $2.99 each


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