Glam Manicare Jessica Lash

Glam Manicare Jessica Lash

Glam Manicare Jessica Lash

Full, long lashes have been compared as the little black dress of the makeup world - always in style and effortlessly chic. The Glam Manicare Jessica Lash is just that. It suites every eye shape and gives a glamorous yet natural, flirty look that presents timeless elegance.

An essential in any woman's wardrobe, the little black dress transcends trends and time, always applicable to wear no matter the occasion. When a woman dons a little black dress, she is telling the world that she is worldly, elegant and stylish with just a hint of glamour and mystery.

Glam's Jessica Lash creates a natural and flirty look one very eye shape. The black flexible band curves around the eye whilst creating a lift that hides imperfections and captures light in all the right places. This stunning natural lash adds length, thickness and definition without being overbearing, allowing girls to extend their lash line beautifully.

From Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, Bridgett Bardot and Marilyn Monroe to Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Biel, lush lashes have always been a starlet classic, just like the LBD.

Glam Expert and Professional Makeup Artist Allie Clarke says "when applying false lashes always life your chin and look down into the mirror, balance the lash on the tip of your natural lashes and slide the lashes up your natural lash, so that the band is in contact with your eye lid, near the roots of your natural lashes".

The Glam by Manicare range is available from Priceline, Target and speciality pharmacy and discount stores. Stockists 1800 651 146.