Gingle Bells Finger Lime Gin

Gingle Bells Finger Lime Gin

Kurrajong based 'Gin-trepreneur', has produced the country's most premium bottle of gin at $150 per bottle

In an industry growing more popular by the day, 'gin-trepreneur', Lee Etherington, has set himself and his distillery, Wild Hibiscus Distilling Co. apart from the rest. Through his innovative production process and its unique appearance, Gingle Bells Finger Lime Gin 750mls Bottles took four years and $1.6 million in research to master. At $150 per bottle, is the most expensive gin in the country.


Overseas, finger limes are a luxury estimated to sell for $180 per kilo, a testament to the laborious 18-month process of plantation and extraction.


"My gins are unique as they are made only using the fruits I harvest on my native farm," says Lee. "You will never see a boring, straight dry gin with the signature metal Wild Hibiscus Distilling Co. label," he continues.


Each eye-catching bottle features flavoured gin suspended with snow dome-like finger lime pearls. The bottles are available in an original Finger Lime Gin and Deep Dark Red Finger Lime flavours.


The Original Finger Lime Gin flavour presents little balls of finger-lime goodness ready to pop in your mouth as you bite them. Redefining the original Gin and Tonic, this playful medley includes 100% Hawkesbury grown finger lime caviar, navelina oranges, kaffir lime leaves, Tahitian lime leaf and lemons – perfect for mixing.


"Through a 9-month process, the finger lime soaks in 40% alcohol resulting in an extremely unique flavour profile that cannot be found anywhere else in the world," Lee explains.


After 11 years of growing pink finger lime trees on his farm, Lee has added to the Gin Bottles collection with his latest concoction, the Deep Dark Red Finger Lime Gin. The Deep Dark Red Finger Lime Gin is a mixture of bold and dark flavours highlighted by exquisite pops of suspended finger lime caviar.


Smaller than typical finger lime, the pink finger lime has petite sized pearls that release an aromatic burst of hibiscus, ginger and a medley of Hawkesbury grown citrus. Incredibly versatile, this gin can be used over ice, paired with your tonic of choice, ginger ale/beer or be used for cocktails.


"Having worked in the craft cocktail industry for over 20 years now, the team at Wild Hibiscus Flower Company know a thing or two about creating great drinks and unforgettable moments," says Lee.  

Gingle Bells Finger Lime Gin can be purchased for RRP $150 on the website, independent bottle shops, select Dan Murphy stores and through corporate gifting.

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