Get frosty with Seedless Watermelon

Get frosty with Seedless Watermelon
It's time to kick off the winter season and get frosty in the kitchen with a Seedless Watermelon serving suggestion... a snowman! A great after-school activity for you and your friends, and be sure to keep some extra fruit aside to throw together a tasty snack afterwards! You'll need the following:
* One large and one small Seedless Watermelon
* A melon baller and a knife (to be handled by an adult)
* A tray
* One cup of fresh or frozen blueberries (or other seasonal fruits)
* A carrot
* Two big twigs from the backyard
* A hat of your choice and a scarf
* Icing Sugar

Rug up and let the fun begin with these easy instructions:
* With the help of an adult, cut one Seedless Watermelon in half
* Carefully scoop out the Seedless Watermelon with a melon baller, and put the melon balls aside in a bowl for later
* Place the whole Seedless Watermelon at the top of a large tray, in place for the snowman's head, and place the two hollow Seedless Watermelon halves in a row under one another for the body
* Heap the melon balls back into the two hollow Seedless Watermelon halves, along with some blueberries (or other season fruits) to add some frosty colour
* Ask an adult to help you use the melon baller to create two holes for the eyes, one hole for the nose and a couple of holes to make a nice, big smile
* Use melon balls for the eyes, blueberries for a smile and, you guessed it, a carrot for the nose of course!
* Place twigs on either side of the Seedless Watermelon for arms, wrap the scarf around the Seedless Watermelon Snowman's head, and balance a hat on top
* Let it snow! Sprinkle some white icing sugar over your Seedless Watermelon Snowman for that final touch
* Now for the hard part! Your Seedless Watermelon Snowman needs a name....

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