Gesaffelstein Blast Off

Gesaffelstein Blast Off

Gesaffelstein has released the official music video for 'Blast Off' featuring Pharrell Williams. Directed by Warren Fu, the video premiered in the Coachella livestream immediately following Gesaffelstein's set at the festival.

Gesaffelstein's performance at Coachella marked his very first live performance since 2015 as well as his first live performance in support of sophomore album HYPERION. The packed crowd was immersed in a sonically and visually stunning show that featured intense lighting design and a masked Gesaffelstein performing against a backdrop of deep darkness.

The set featured the exclusive use of Vantablack VBx2, making Gesaffelstein the first artist ever to use the substance in a live performance. Vantablack is the super-black coating used primarily in space applications which holds the world record as the darkest substance made by man. Gesaffelstein's set featured a monolith design using the coating, which was applied to the concave surface of the monolith to create the illusion of infinite depth and blackness - a black hole on stage. See additional information about Vantablack here.

Fans can catch Gesaffelstein performing live next Sunday, April 21 at Coachella Weekend 2, and at New York's Governor's Ball on May 31.

Gesaffelstein's sophomore album HYPERION is out now via Columbia Records through Sony Music Entertainment Australia. Listen here.