Georgia van Etten I'd Like To Be

Georgia van Etten I'd Like To Be

UK-based, Melbourne born singer Georgia van Etten is set to release her new single "I'd Like To Be" on November 20 2020,  in the lead up to the release of her upcoming album Deep Black Water. In true Georgia van Etten style, the track is masterfully pieced together, with transportative qualities complementing her smooth, silky vocals,  "I'd Like To Be" is an exuberant ode to the moment of telling someone how you feel about them. This feel good track is easy listening at its finest, sparking true joy within every listen.

The song explores the bravery behind being honest and the hesitancy that comes with potential rejection. Above all, "I'd Like To Be" imagines that joyous moment when you courageously put your heart on the line. Infused with cleverly crafted lyrics and soulful vocals, the track oozes the signature blend of roots music with an alt-pop sound that Georgia has so skillfully perfected. 

Georgia explains, "the song is written as if I'm telling that certain someone then and there how I feel. I want the listener to experience my story but also find resonance if they too have plucked up the courage or longed to." 

Alongside co-producer Edwin Ireland (of Mosa Wild), Georgia beautifully created a laid back, retro vibe with affected keys, vibraphone, and spaghetti western guitar. The end of the song features the unique mouth trumpet impression that Georgia has become known for, adding to the song's confident, upbeat mood.

Accompanying the track, Georgia commissioned eight of Australia's top, young contemporary dancers to make a fierce and feel-good video. Each dancer recorded their piece independently in interesting locations around the country. Melbourne-based dancer and choreographer Sian Kelly gave direction to the dancers with help from dancer Jazz Miller to enable moments of synchronicity and whilst Georgia provided visual and artistic direction.

Of the final video, Georgia says, "I was truly blown away when I received everyone's pieces and my excitement grew tenfold- I knew this was going to be a special and authentic video. It took me an age to pick out all the best parts and put them together in an edit, but worth the time as the result is a truly collaborative video that showcases some of Australia's best, young dance talent."

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Georgia packed one tiny suitcase six years ago and headed for the U.K. Since then she has solidified her position as an international touring artist, headlining festivals across the UK, Europe, and Australia. Her debut EP Live at the Pool Studio had extensive international and BBC Radio 2 play with Jamie Cullum remarking "this really blew me away when I first heard it", and Blues & Soul Magazine UK declaring "Put simply, this is a damn fine EP"