Geamala Fest La Frog Interview

Geamala Fest La Frog Interview

Geamala Fest La Frog Interview

Geamala are a World Music band like no other. Combining elements of many genres, ranging from Atmospheric, Eastern, Arabic, Tribal, and Trance whilst maintaining a profoundly spiritual focus. Featuring Sitar, Shakuhachi (Japanese Flute), Tibetan Throat Singing, 12 String Guitar, Tribal Drumming and sensual Belly Dancing, Geamala create mesmerising timeless soundscapes and powerful hypnotic rhythms that leave audiences in a state of enlivened connectedness. To witness Geamala live is a truly moving and epic experience.

Interview with Ant Conelly

Question: How would you describe Geamala?

Ant Conelly: Geamala is a progressive world music band and we have a lot of different country elements and culture influences from different regions of the world and different periods of history; we try and do it in a modern context, as well as we are not oblivious as to where we are now (laughs).

Question: What can audiences expect from your show at Fest La Frog?

Ant Conelly: At the Fest La Frog we are looking forwards to debuting some new material and we have a live Belly Dancer and a Shakuhachi which is a traditional Japanese Flute. It will be a sonic spectacle.

Question: Why did you choose to participate in Fest La Frog?

Ant Conelly: I was at the 2011 Fest La Frog and I was very, very impressed with the quality of the acts and everything at the festival seemed to be in good order and it was very well attended but people were very peaceful, friendly and involved. Fest La Frog isn't like other festivals; Fest La Frog represents how we feel about things which is why when I found out the applications for Fest La Frog were opened I decided to have a crack at it.

Question: What do you enjoy about performing?

Ant Conelly: I love sharing our creativity with others. Performing is an opportunity to display what you've been hard at work on. An artist has an exhibition and our gigs are our exhibitions where we get to display our web and interact with the audience because we are interested at who is there to see us and to have a two way communication with them.

Question: What inspires you when creating music?

Ant Conelly: Many things, we have lots of musical influences including bands and traditional music from Japan and the Middle East. Other worldly sounds tend to inspire us and anything that will put you into another state of being. Definitely a keen sense of spirituality and individuality is integral to our music making process.

Question: What is the story behind the name, Geamala?

Ant Conelly: Interestingly I made Geamala up myself; it was a word that just came to me overtime. For me Geamala is more of a sound than a word. Geamala encapsulates our sound as it is tribal and powerful sounding.

Question: Do you have a website fans can visit?

Ant Conelly:!/geamala and

Question: Can you tell us 5 things required for a happy healthy & enjoyable life?

Ant Conelly: Yes, I have a very clear idea of that!
Good Food
Good MusicShelter
and a connection with the earth.

When you boil life right down to its most core base element, I don't think you can go far beyond those five things. Those are five elements that I incorporate into my life.

Fest La Frog

Fest La Frog 2012 will be taking place again at CERES Environmental Park in Brunswick onSaturday, 3 March. This second annual event will be a showcase of sustainable organic music and art.

Fest la Frog is paving the way for the future of festivals with some uber-green policies. We've banned all single use packaging, we use solar-powered stages, local artists (green living muso's with low music miles), solar boosted organic food AND beverages GoodBrew

Fest la Frog has a zero waste policy and last year 650 people onsite created only a handful of landfill and we filled only half a recycling bin!

Live, learn, recreate and return - Live the festival ethos, learn how you can take home the sustainable practices from the festival, recreate a sustainable environment in your own home and workplace and return next year to learn some more.

Fest la Frog is seeking applications for sustainably made and/or organic produce or products to fill our market stall area. There are lots of other ways to get involved with this sustainable event.... and what a cause!

First Line-Up Announced
Charles Baby
White Summer
That Gold Street Sound
Bronny AC

Interview by Brooke Hunter