Fountain Tomato Sauce a Recipe for Success

Fountain Tomato Sauce a Recipe for Success

Fountain Tomato Sauce a Recipe for Success

The secret's out - 60% of Australian mums say tomato sauce is a recipe for success to reduce mealtime mayhem and help kids eat what is put in front of them.

According to Fountain's Sauce is the secret survey, sauce is a staple for 67% of households who wouldn't eat sausages or chips without it, and is a superhero for many Australian mums who use it to encourage their kids to eat foods they wouldn't otherwise enjoy.

Tomato sauce is a must-have for 74% of households, and not just for summer barbecues. For one in two households, tomato sauce makes a weekly appearance at dinner-time, whilst one in three will serve it three or four times a week.

However, a majority of mums say they choose their tomato or barbecue sauce based on its taste or brand name, with little regard for nutrition. In fact, a shocking 80% of mums have little understanding of what they're serving up to the table. Few respondents surveyed could guess the correct sugar content in a serve of tomato sauce, and only 40% were accurate in guessing the salt content in every squeeze.

"Knowing what's in the food we eat is essential to ensure we meet our nutritional requirements. Reading the food labels and looking for products lower in sugar and salt can help us choose better products that meet our nutritional needs and help us teach healthy eating practices to kids at an early age," says accredited nutritionist Caitlin Reid.

Fountain has launched two new products; Fountain Tomato Sauce and Fountain Barbecue Sauce with 40% lower sugar and 70% lower salt. The new products are the lowest salt and sugar sauces in the squeeze sauce segment, with the great Fountain taste kids love.

Developed using a unique technology, Fountain has a reduced salt and sugar formula, which contains no artificial flavours and no added colours.

"With most households serving sauce weekly, choosing a sauce that is lower in salt and lower in sugar like Fountain's new Tomato Sauce and Barbecue Sauce can make a big difference. One small squeeze or 20ml of Fountain's new Tomato Sauce contains 52mg of sodium and 3g of sugar, so mums can rest easy knowing they are serving a sauce that is a better choice for them, and better for their kids," continued Reid.

The Sauce is the secret survey also revealed that efforts to replace full sugar and salt sauces often fall flat with 21% of Australian families, with kids protesting that it doesn't taste the same. The new Fountain Tomato and Barbecue Sauce contain substantially less of the bad stuff, without compromising on taste. In fact, Fountain is so confident the products will deliver on taste, they are offering consumers a money-back guarantee!

Fountain Tomato Sauce and Fountain Barbecue Sauce RRP: $2.49 for 500ml squeeze
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*Fountain's Sauce is the secret survey polled the attitudes of over 1,000 Australian women nationally, through popular women's website