FMCG Marketers Turn to Online & Interactive Marketing

New survey reveals a trend away from traditional advertising mediums

A new survey released by interactive marketing company, Tick yes, reveals a trend among Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) marketers to move more of their advertising budgets towards internet and interactive marketing.

In March and April of this year, 517 marketers from Australian FMCG manufacturers, including Energizer Australia, Johnson & Johnson Pacific and Kellogg's, were surveyed by Tick Yes on their opinions of current trends, challenges facing the industry and advertising effectiveness.

65% of FMCG manufacturers confirmed that mainstream media advertising isn't as effective in reaching their customers as it was five years ago while 83% believe that online and interactive marketing will become an increasingly important marketing tool.

Tick Yes Director, Peter Applebaum explains, "FMCG manufacturers face increasing competition from premium house brands/private labels which are forcing their products off the shelves." 60% of respondents to the Tick Yes survey believe that retailers are hindering their ability to market their products. At the same time, 77% of marketers say that it has become more difficult to reach and influence their consumers.

Peter Applebaum continues, "To fight back, FMCG marketers will be directly engaging their consumers using one-to-one interactive marketing techniques which by-pass retailers." 68% of respondents believe that this strategy will protect and grow their brands.

Results of the Tick Yes survey mirror a world-wide trend by marketers across all industries to move marketing budgets towards internet advertising.

About Tick Yes: Tick Yes was founded in early 2001 by Peter Applebaum who recognised the enormous potential of leveraging technology to achieve traditional marketing objectives. His vision was and still is to help organisations better understand and meet their customers' needs using communication technologies. The strategy of 'Connecting Companies with Customers' is even more relevant today with over 70% of Australians regularly using the internet and 19,000,000 mobile phones in operation. With more organisations than ever before looking to use online and interactive marketing, Tick Yes is widely experienced and ideally credentialed to help them achieve their objectives.


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