Happiness Anywhere Anytime

Happiness Anywhere Anytime

Happiness Anywhere Anytime

What makes us truly happy? It's a question we ask but often don't think too deeply about. In the new book Happiness Anywhere Anytime, happiness and wellness consultant Dr. Bruce Wells combines 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, together with the latest research in positive psychology and emotional resiliency, to reveal that the most sought after kind of happiness – the type that is enduring, and which fulfils you and gives meaning to your life – is found within yourself. This is 24-carat happiness and it can only be generated within you. And by you.

Using his trademark storytelling style and down-to-earth approach Bruce has produced a ground-breaking book that will resonate with people seeking practical advice for taking control of their own feelings of happiness. Readers learn how to:

Live from the Inside Out helping you live with greater passion and authenticity
Live with a Positive Attitude allowing you to develop a sunny confident outlook
Live in the Present helping you make the most of the here and now, and
Live a Fully Connected Life ensuring your relationships are more satisfying and fulfilling

Bruce also provides a unique 4-step program of simple yet powerful exercises to help you achieve greater happiness, opening the door to a more purpose-driven life, greater professional success, more fulfilling relationships, and an optimistic outlook that is highly resilient to change and adversity.

Life is too short to let your happiness be dependent on circumstances or the feelings of others. Happiness Anywhere Anytime shows with stunning clarity how to give yourself the gift of personal happiness – today!

Melbourne-based Dr. Bruce Wells is a happiness and wellness consultant with a doctorate in psychology and degrees in health promotion and physical education. He has over 20 years' experience in the health and wellness industry in Australia, Asia, and the Middle East. He is a former school teacher, university professor, and international tour guide and travels extensively working with companies, community groups, and individuals interested in achieving personal excellence, managing stress, and improving happiness.

Happiness Anywhere Anytime
Author: Dr. Bruce Wells
ISBN: 9781500700508
RRP: $24.95

Interview with Dr. Bruce Wells

Question: What inspired the idea for Happiness Anywhere Anytime?

Dr. Bruce Wells: Several factors were responsible for the book's inspiration. First, and most significantly, I faced my own midlife crisis or midlife happiness slump. Even though I had a good job, a relationship, the house – the common markers of success – I felt unfulfilled and was far from happy. Second, as a psychology PhD I had become very disenchanted with mainstream psychology's focus on a person's shortcomings and instead increasingly attracted to positive psychology and its examination of the factors that allow us to flourish and live meaningful purposeful lives. Third, living and working in countries as varied as Papua New Guinea, China, and Saudi Arabia, gave me valuable insights into the causes of happiness.

Question: Who do you suggest reads Happiness Anywhere Anytime and why?

Dr. Bruce Wells: Generally, I would recommend the book to anyone who wishes to be happier and healthier by living a life full of passion and purpose, with meaningful goals, a confident and optimistic outlook, a present-moment mindset, and quality relationships. Specific groups that would greatly benefit from reading the book include: midlifers who have begun questioning their careers and relationships and who wish to create a more fulfilling future; pre-retirees and retirees who wish to enjoy a retirement full of purpose, optimism, and companionship; and professionals at risk of overwork or burnout who wish to establish a balance between their working lives and their personal lives.

Question: Can you talk about how the Happiness Anywhere Anytime concept uses the latest research in positive psychology and emotional resiliency?

Dr. Bruce Wells: The book is divided into two parts, the first part containing the happiness secrets, the second part activities showing the reader how to practise the secrets. The happiness secrets are a collection of short stories such as driving a car mindfully to work, the diversity and similarity of people found at a trash and treasure market, spring cleaning one's emotional cupboards, and packing the right attitudes when travelling. All the secrets are well-researched and commonly accepted concepts from the two fields of: one, positive psychology, where people can be happier and can flourish when they practise positive emotions, use their strengths, and live a life of purpose and contribution; and, two, emotional wellness, where people learn how to be emotionally resilient by taking responsibility for their own emotions and by practising optimism.

Question: How can we ensure we're living a life in the present?

Dr. Bruce Wells: In a fast-paced world where we are assaulted with multiple demands living a life in the present will guarantee us greater productivity, more creativity, and less burnout in the workplace as well as more compassion, less stress, and improved relationships in our personal lives. We can achieve this by developing a greater awareness of our physical and emotional responses, by expressing gratitude for what we have instead of what we don't have, and by single-tasking at every opportunity whether driving to work, booting up our computers, listening to a friend, or eating lunch.

Question: What issues will this book help readers combat?

Dr. Bruce Wells: As well as providing readers with a four-step program for achieving greater happiness in their everyday lives, the book also details strategies for combatting the more common barriers to personal happiness. These include comparing yourself against others as a gauge of your success, making your happiness dependent upon the expectations or behaviours of others, believing the myth that happiness is a destination that can only be experienced after achieving certain goals, being seduced by a consumer-driven society which tries to convince you that happiness comes from stuff, and thinking that being constantly busy will somehow help you perform better at work, have healthier relationships, and be happier.

Interview by Brooke Hunter