Ernest Ellis Be The Pariah

Ernest Ellis Be The Pariah


Ernest Ellis unveils the dark, atmospheric clip accompanying the title track to his forthcoming record, 'BE THE PARIAH', out August 7.


Premiering via Rolling Stone yesterday, the clip "was filmed at the storied Koolwink Motel of West Virginia and follows "our hero, Shawn, as he loses his mind to find his sanity," Ellis explains. 


"A mesmerising accompaniment to an equally-stunning piece of music, "Be the Pariah" serves as a welcome from the great Ernest Ellis, with eager fans undoubtedly counting down the days until his long-awaited new album is finally unleashed." Rolling Stone"


'BE THE PARIAH', Ellis' first release in over 5 years, is an ode to, well, being a pariah - an outsider, a loner, a freak. There are no negative connotations in this title, rather it encapsulates everything Ellis feels is real and good: 


"All the best stuff happens on the fringes, in the weird zones of life and the mind. The rest is not real, it's coercion. I've tried to tap into that sense here, believing in it wholeheartedly as I do."


New York based, Australian artist Ernest Ellis has been busy over the past five years. Since the release of his first three albums, 'HUNTING' (2010), 'KINGS CANYON' (2012), and 'COLD DESIRE' (2014), all of which received widespread critical acclaim in Australia on release, Ellis moved to NYC, earned a PhD and delved deeper into his creative work as a songwriter and director. 


Spending over four years writing 'BE THE PARIAH' Ellis demonstrates that above and beyond all else, he is a storyteller. Whether that be his own or those of others, with some tracks told from the perspective of an eclectic group of outsiders and others from a deeply personal perspective, Ellis has a way of crafting words that are truly meaningful. 


This is "some music to disappear yourself inside of. Bury ego. Let go of grooming housing estates and swim out into the wild zones with me," says Ellis. 


'BE THE PARIAH' was recorded over a span of a few years in NYC with co-producer Kelly Winrich. The album will be released independently on August 7th and the title track and video is out now.


Watch Be The Pariah here: