Xani Who Would've Thought

Xani Who Would've Thought

Xani releases new single Who Would've Thought!


New album From The Bottom Of The Well out September 2020!


Australian violinist, singer, songwriter and composer Xani Kolac today released first single Who Would've Thought from her much-anticipated forthcoming album From The Bottom Of The Well, out September 2020.


Who Would've Thought sees Xani dive into her deeply personal journey through the fast-moving and quiet moments in life. 


The debut single was written, arranged, performed and recorded by Xani in her home studio, with drums by Brooke Custerson and mixing by Isaac Barter (Didirri).


On releasing the new single Xani said: ''Who Would've Thought began as a song I wrote to help my family through a difficult time. Fast forward five years to a time when I needed that support in return and my family wasn't there for me. So I reclaimed the song for myself. It was a turning point for me, realising that life is really a lot like cricket… you just never know when it'll throw you a spinner!''


For the first time in her career, Xani has chosen to lay out all her virtuosity on the one release. Fresh single Who Would've Thought is an art-pop track inspired by No Doubt-era Gwen Stefani but all on violins. 


An album of exquisite contrast, From The Bottom Of The Well sees Xani dig deep and strike gold. Experience Who Would've Thought today on Bandcamp and streaming platforms.