Dine Out on a Diet

Dine Out on a Diet

One of the most difficult parts to being on any diet is the social aspect. Many dieters avoid meals out with friends and family as it is so hard to stick to a diet at a restaurant. Menus are often confusing and the healthiest options is not always the obvious one.

Entertaining at home can also be a minefield. You want to cook delicious meals to impress your guests while stick sticking to your diet. Who wants to attend a dinner party where the hostess is nibbling on carrots and the entrée is only lettuce?

This is what inspired nutrition guru, Geoff Jowett to create his new range of cuisine based guides to eat out and dining in for weight loss. Having created his ground breaking weight loss program Bodytrim, Geoff recognised that socialising while dieting was the final hurdle that his clients had to face.

Geoff created four guides: French 4 Weight Loss, Italian 4 Weight Loss , Thai 4 Weight Loss and Greek 4 Weight Loss to allow people to eat in restaurants and at home while sticking with the Bodytrim system.

Each dining guide contains:
  • An introduction to the cuisine- containing a general history, influences, traditional ingredients, flavourings, cooking methods and utensils used.
  • Profile of top restaurant and its head chef: French- Robert Hodgson of La Grande Bouffe; Italian- Franco Berlusconi of Berlusconi's Italian Restaurant; Thai-Sukanya Kietprasert of U-Thong Thai; Greek- Manoli Tressos of Athenian Restaurant.
  • A guide on adapting the cuisine to the three phases of the Bodytrim system- Weight Loss, Weight Maintenance and Free Day
  • Eating out tips
  • Testimonials
  • Recipes for delicious meals for the three Bodytrim phases
  • A bonus Eating Out 4 Weight Loss DVD.

    Some of our favourite tips include trying the healthier, leaner game meats popular in French cuisine, replacing heavy Italian pasta dishes with delicous pan friend sea food or veal pizzaiola with balsamic dressed salad, passing on the rice when ordering Thai food and avoiding the trap of large Greek portions by having two entrees.

    Bodytrim is derived from basic hunter gatherer eating habits from thousands of years ago and is designed to educate people about the three W's of weight loss- What to eat, When to eat and Why. It is a simple and easy to understand system outlining how to achieve fast and permanent weight loss, while also enjoying the normal every day foods that most people enjoy.

    The program is designed by Australian Personal Trainer of the Year Geoff Jowett who has over fifteen years experience in the health and fitness industry, in consultation with Dr Vicky Hillier, a GP with other thirteen years experience in the management of obesity and related conditions.

    Dine Out on a Diet
    Price: $34.95

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