Detox 'n Burn

Detox 'n Burn

Don't just detox, Detox 'n Burn!
You can look and feel amazing!

We've all tried everything from detoxing, to burning calories. But now you can do both at the same time with SlimRight Detox 'n Burn and that changes everything!

SlimRight Detox 'n Burn is a new advanced approach to help your weight loss efforts. It targets both the detoxification process to help cleanse the body of toxin build up, bloating and water retention for a flatter-looking stomach, while helping to support your metabolism to burn more fat*.

So for all those consumers out their who need help losing weight, try the latest innovation in weightloss, Detox 'n Burn from SlimRight. You can look and feel amazing.

Available at Supermarkets and Pharmacies.

*In conjunction with a calorie controlled diet and adequate exercise program such as the SlimRight 1 2 3 lifestyle program found at Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.