Detox after Christmas lose those extra pounds

Most people will put on about half a kilo over Christmas and will ask themselves - what is the best way to slim down in the New Year?

While the latest detox diets promise instant weight loss, a firming of wobbly thighs, improved vitality and radiant skin, the reality is more likely to be tiredness, bad breath, weakness, nausea, headaches and a compromised immune system?

According to Choice magazine, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that healthy bodies need help to get rid of waste products. Further, there's little proof to support the claims that detox diets actually work. The liver, lungs, kidneys and skin are very capable of excreting waste regularly without the need for a once-a-year detox.

Acceptable foods can vary widely among different detox diets but it seems dairy is at the top of the detoxer's 'don't go there' list. Experts agree that strict detox diets that avoid major food groups, such as dairy, can deprive people of essential nutrients. Ditching dairy is the last thing people should do if they are serious about losing Christmas kilos.

And according to Dairy Australia dietitian Maree Garside, people who avoid dairy foods can miss out on important nutrients and find it especially difficult to meet calcium needs.

"Many people are surprised to learn that dairy may help achieve their weight loss goals. An emerging body of research shows people who include three serves of dairy as part of a reduced-calorie diet may lose more weight and body fat, than those who avoid dairy foods," Ms Garside said.

"Dairy is also a hunger buster. The protein in dairy can help promote feelings of fullness, for longer - which may reduce the urge to eat again so quickly or the amount consumed at the next meal. Milk and yogurt also have a low glycaemic index."

"There's simply no need to get caught up in detoxing. To lose weight, exercise more, eat less and select a healthy balanced diet consisting of foods from the main food groups, including three daily serves of dairy", she said.

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Editors Note:
If you are serious about losing weight, don't cut out foods or food groups, increase your intake of water (it will not bloat you) and reduce the amount of food you eat. Exercise regularly and introduce rice & salads as much as possible.