Designer Brands Mineral Starter Kit

Designer Brands Mineral Starter Kit
Make up naturally with Designer Brands Mineral Starter Kit!

Hooking up with the everyday essentials to kick off your budget conscious beauty bag, the Designer Brands Mineral Starter Kit is the perfect way to suss out the fuss about mineral make-up.

It's the word on the lips of any beauty-nista worth her weight in make-up - mineral. Problem is make-up that is good for you comes at a price, but it doesn't have to.

Enter this clever and very appealing priced kit from Designer Brands that puts mineral make-up into the hands of every woman. All products are talc-free. Featuring Designer Brands Top 3 Selling Products:

Designer Brands Barely Nude Mineral

Foundation Powder. Considered Designer Brands hero foundation, the Barely Nude Mineral Foundation Powder is a true100% talc-free, fragrance free, fortifying mineral foundation. With SPF protection, this effective foundation is suitable for all skin types giving you flawless, barely there, long-lasting coverage. Available in three light to dark shades.

Designer Brands Mineral Multi-Tone Bronzer

This Multi-Palette Mineral Bronzer is the epitome of a miracle contour tool. Utilising milled and purified minerals and inorganic pigments that exist in nature, Designer Brands Multi-tone Mineral Bronzer Palette allows you to look and feel like a bronzed goddess. With the ability to either create matte, shimmer or sparkling complexions, the apricot, peaches and brown hues will be sure to enhance your celebrity-inspired look.

Designer Brands Khol Pencil

Go sexy and smoldering with Designer Brands Khol Pencil.
Its Mineral formulation is your best bet to preserving the sensitive eye area whilst looking totally fierce. Easily the holy grail of khol pencils, it checklists all your need in a versatile lining tool. Available in 10 trend-setting shades.

Designer Brands Mineral Starter Kit
All this in a too cute bath bag and just $19.99.
Mineral for the masses - we love that!

Available at pharmacies and salons. For stockists call 1300 765 332 or visit