Dark Chocolate and Davidson Plum Mousse, Chocolate and Shiraz Soil, Raspberry and Rosella Coulis

Dark Chocolate and Davidson Plum Mousse, Chocolate and Shiraz Soil, Raspberry and Rosella Coulis

Dark Chocolate and Davidson Plum Mousse, Chocolate and Shiraz Soil, Raspberry and Rosella Coulis

Makes 5 serves

200gm coconut milk (Kara brand)
200gm dark chocolate (Callebaut 54.5%)
3 gm davidson plum powder
2 egg whites, room temperature
Pinch of salt

20gm castor sugar 5 dark chocolate cylinders

Place coconut milk in a small saucepan and bring to the boil on a medium heat. Be careful not to have it too high or it will scorch on the bottom.
Place the chocolate and davidson plum powder into a stainless steel bowl.
When the coconut milk is simmering lightly pour it over the chocolate then stir once and let sit for 2 minutes to melt. After 2 minutes stir well, using a rubber spatula, and continue to do so until it is all combined.
Meanwhile place the 2 egg whites into the bowl of the stand mixer. Attach the whisk and turn to high speed.
Once it starts to froth up gently add a little of the sugar at a time until all incorporated.
Continue to whip until glossy stiff peaks have formed. BE CAREFUL NOT TO OVERWHIP AS THEY WILL BECOME DRY AND MEALY.
Working quickly, using a rubber spatula, fold in one third of the meringue into the chocolate mixture, making sure to scrape the bottom of the bowl.
Once incorporated fold in the rest of the meringue and continue to mix gently until it is all combined.
Transfer the mousse into a piping bag and pipe into the chocolate cylinders, making sure not to leave any air gaps in them when filling.
Cover with baking paper & place into the fridge until set.

Chocolate Soil
40ml cold water
100gm caster sugar
75gm dark chocolate
10gm shiraz powder
30gm desiccated coconut, lightly toasted
10gm raw cacao powder

Chocolate Soil
Place the water in a small saucepan then gently pour the sugar into the middle of the water. Do not stir or mix. Also try to avoid getting any sugar crystals on the side of the pan.
Prepare a pastry brush in a small vessel of cold water to brush down the sides if the syrup starts to crystalize around the edge of the pan.
Transfer the chocolate into a medium sized stainless steel bowl and set aside until the syrup is ready.
Place the saucepan onto the induction burner and turn the heat to high. Despite how tempted you might be, do not stir the sugar. As it heats up it will dissolve and start to bubble.
Continue to cook until you start to see golden brown edges.
Immediately remove saucepan from the heat whisk into the chocolate. Don't forget to whisk around the edges.
Whisk until all the chocolate has crumbled and resembles soil, this will only take a couple of minutes.
When it has all become small clumps like soil add the shiraz powder, toasted coconut and raw cacao then mix well.
Transfer onto a tray lined with baking paper to cool.

Raspberry & Rosella Coulis

150gm frozen raspberries
20gm caster sugar
½ lemon, juice of
2gm dried rosella powder

Raspberry & Rosella Coulis
Place the raspberries, sugar & lemon juice into a small saucepan and place on a medium heat.
As the raspberries start to soften use a wooden spoon to help to break them up.
Turn the heat to low and allow the raspberries to simmer for 2 minutes.
Prepare a sieve over a bowl, leaving space for the raspberry sauce to drip through into the bowl.
Pour the contents of the saucepan into the sieve then use a rubber spatula to push the raspberry coulis through.
Once it has all been pushed through the sieve make sure to scrape the bottom of the sieve to remove any sauce clinging to it. Be sure to clean the spatula first as not to introduce seeds back into the sauce.
Add the rosella powder and mix well.
Transfer to a small squeeze bottle using a funnel.
Reserve in the fridge until needed.

To Plate:

Place a few puddles of the raspberry coulis onto the plate.
Place a couple of spoonsful of chocolate soil in the middle of the plate.
Top with a chocolate cylinder then dust with plum powder from a small sieve.

Jacob's Creek Cooks Up A Pop-Up For Masterchef Australia Fans

MasterChef inspired challenge back for second year with proceeds going to charity SecondBite

JACOB'S CREEK™ is setting the table for another year of its pop-up kitchen with a MasterChef-inspired experience, giving diners the opportunity to test their cooking skills before enjoying a three-course meal with perfectly paired wines The JACOB'S CREEK Kitchen Collective will be on the iconic Bennelong Lawn, overlooking the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge from Tuesday 16 July to Sunday, 4 August.

The experience is the culmination of JACOB'S CREEK's partnership with Network Ten's MasterChef Australia as the exclusive wine of choice for season 10,and follows the successful activation in 2019.

The Kitchen Collective is an intimate, bookings-only experience with all profits going to MasterChef Australia's charity of choice, SecondBite. The experience is available to book via Airbnb Experiences for groups as large as 16, or as individuals and couples to share the experience with other diners and make new connections.

MasterChef fans and home cooks will learn from the best, with Chefs Daniel Wilson and Stuart Toon coming aboard. Daniel created Melbourne's Huxtaburger and has been a re-occurring guest on MasterChef Australia. Stuart started his career as a contestant on MasterChef UK and now has Bondi restaurant, Rocker.

Our Chef will showcase cooking techniques before diners compete against each other and the clock to recreate an entrée and dessert, while we take care of the main. Each course is expertly paired with JACOB'S CREEK Barossa Signature wines and are presented as a full wine flight tasting.

Dan Swincer, JACOB'S CREEK Chief Winemaker said, "The team at JACOB'S CREEK has been glued to this season of MasterChef. We believe sharing a meal with exceptional wine and delicious food is the perfect way to connect with others, and the Kitchen Collective is a brilliant opportunity to do just that (with a little friendly rivalry thrown in!)"

"Our JACOB'S CREEK Barossa Signature wines express the true character of our signature region through a range of uniquely crafted wines that pair perfectly with food and pay tribute to the home of JACOB'S CREEK."

Open Tuesday-Friday for lunch and dinner, for three weeks, with just 36 sessions available, SecondBite hopes to feed over 300,000 Australians this winter with proceeds from the pop-up.

SecondBite CEO Jim Mullan said, "We're excited to extend our partnership with MasterChef Australia to now work alongside JACOB'S CREEK. This is a fun way to share a meal with friends whilst seeing all proceeds go to feed Australians in need this winter."

Daniel Wilson, Huxtaburger Chef said, "I can't wait to work with JACOB'S CREEK and put the diners through their paces, and sharing a few of my best tips and tricks at the Kitchen Collective. I'm thrilled that SecondBite will be receiving all proceeds to help those in need."

The JACOB'S CREEK MasterChef Australia Kitchen Collective opens Tuesday, 16 July and runs until Monday, 4 August (inclusive). Bookings can be made on Airbnb Experiences at airbnb.com/kitchencollective. Airbnb Experiences are magical, handcrafted activities powered by local people.

JACOB'S CREEK Kitchen Collective
When: Tuesday, 16 July through to Sunday, 4 August*
Where: Bennelong Lawn, Botanic Gardens, Sydney
Cost: $110 per person including three-course meal with matching wines (proceeds going to SecondBite)
Book: airbnb.com/kitchencollective