Sex and the City's Cosmopolitan Cocktail

Sex and the City's Cosmopolitan Cocktail


Celebrate Sex and the City fever like a true fan - with a Cosmo!
"I'd like a Cheeseburger, please, a large fries and a Cosmopolitan" [Carrie]
"So what are we going to do? Sit around bars, sipping Cosmos and sleeping with strangers when we're eighty?" [Carrie]

There's no doubt the Sex and the City (SATC) phenomenon has influenced women all over the world with its trend setting ways. And now, just in time to celebrate that 2008 is the year of Sex and the City, Paramount Home Entertainment is introducing the Limited Edition 'Sex and the City: The Ultimate Collection Box Set', which includes episodes from all 6 seasons and fantastic extras. It definitely is the perfect time to pay homage to the various trends and icons made famous by SATC!

One indisputable icon of SATC is the Cosmopolitan cocktail seen countless times throughout the series in the hands of the ladies during their escapades in NYC. A Cosmopolitan is a cocktail made with cranberry juice, vodka, Cointreau and fresh-squeezed lime juice or sweetened lime cordial. In SATC this is often affectionately referred to as a 'Cosmo', a strong symbol of the girl's heady, sophisticated, and stylish lifestyles!

Mikey Enright, head mixologist for new must-visit-hotspot ivy, believes the SATC hype will put the Cosmo back at the top of the list of Australia's favourite cocktails. "We'll definitely see a resurgence of the Cosmo in bars over the next few months both in its classic form and contemporary variations, because popular culture is a big influence on bar and cocktail trends."

The Cosmopolitan dates back to the 1970s, although it was only in the 1990s, and particularly due to SATC that it gained popularity with a mass audience.

According to Enright, "SATC cast and crew used to go to the Rainbow Rooms bar in NYC after they wrapped from shooting and used to drink Cosmos - it was this that promoted their inclusion on the show, and hence gave rise to one of the most well-known cocktails around! It's a classic cocktail created by Cheryl Cook of Florida - that can be easily enjoyed at home, or at the new ivy bar for a classic Cosmo experience."

Ivy cosmopolitan
A delicious Cosmo recipe from the mixologist maestro Enright to try at home.

45ml Absolut citron
15ml Cointreau
30ml Cranberry juice
10ml Lime juice
10ml Pink grapefruit juice
10ml Elderflower cordial

Add all ingredients in a Boston glass with cubed ice then shake and fine strain into a chilled cocktail glass
Garnish: flamed pink grapefruit zest

So, whether it be Samantha's conquests, Carrie's musings, Mr.Big (or Aidan), the excitement of NYC or the fabulous fashion (or faux-pas), reminisce all over a Cosmo!

Health note for fabulous ladies everywhere: Cranberries should not just be thought of in relation to cranberry juice for Cosmopolitans! Cranberries are high in antioxidants and harness unique health benefits so they're perfect for keeping a girl healthy when she's out around the town. This versatile red power berry comes in the form of dried cranberries (perfect eaten as a snack on the go, or tossed into salads, muesli and baked goods) and frozen (suitable for making sauces, smoothies etc). Check out

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