Corporate Event Trends That Receive A Solid Tick Of Approval

Corporate Event Trends That Receive A Solid Tick Of Approval

Given that we spend a great deal of our time at work, it is becoming increasingly important for employers to create a good working culture and show their employees how much they are valued. One way to do this is to create a positive working culture and transfer this corporate personality across to the corporate events that you host. Creating an event where your employees can have fun and enjoy themselves is worth every penny, as the transference of value will go above and beyond the day to day and could make a massive difference to your employee retention, which in my eyes, is a key indicator of a respectable company.

There are few corporate trends which have taken off recently this year that have shown to be very successful for companies. Guest interaction is one of them, as no-one likes being sat on the sidelines during a two hour conference without the ability to utter a single word to another person during that period. Therefore, if your event includes (at least in part) a discussion it is important to try to incorporate your guests in these topics, and get everyone involved. It can be as simple as asking questions to your audience or if you want to be a little more entertaining, you can organise a game of bingo where all of your guests can try to answer your questions in an attempt to be the first person to shout bingo and win a prize.

Another creative way of making your event stand out from the crowd is by transforming unique venues specifically for your event. Creating an escape from the office into a fabulous new world, is the perfect way to leave the stresses of work at the door and allow people to let their hair down and enjoy this all encompassing experience. Although Christmas in Australia isn't the traditional white Christmas, I have organised a festive party which was decorated head to toe in Nordic-styling with authentic furniture, food and wine to boot. Until we left the venue, everyone could easily have been mistaken to believe we were celebrating across the other side of the world.

Adding personalisation is another superb way to create an intimate memory for your attendees. It allows your guests to not only interact with others, but also is the perfect personalised takeaway from the experience. Perth Premier Photobooths were at a launch party I attended earlier this year, and I still have the photograph of my colleagues and I posing, stuck to my fridge! It's a great way to raise a smile even after the party is over.

You can add an overarching local element to your event and this is a wonderful way to show your support of the local community, and add a sense of belonging and appreciation for your guests. Ordering local produce, and using local companies as suppliers and staff is one way to show your corporate social responsibility, and your dedication to the area in which your company operates. It is important to support independent and local organisations where possible, and to reduce the footprint of your industry where possible.

Last but not least, it is essential to try to include a social component to your event. With the ever-increasing second screen phenomenon, creating a personalised event hashtag or developing a event competition gives your attendees a direction when they are taking photos and allows guests to view the collection of event photos when experiencing post event blues, and is also a great way for your guests to communicate with their new found friends and reminisce about their fun filled experiences.

I hope these corporate trends facilitate your next event, and you can put them to good use in creating the party of the year. Plus, these tips will also allows your company to follow up with your guests after the event with some amusing pictures and with a big thank you message for all that made an appearance and made your event such a success.