Chicken and vegetable rice paper rolls

Chicken and vegetable rice paper rolls

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Chicken and vegetable rice paper rolls


24 Mint leaves
36 Coriander leaves
1 cup (115g) Coarsely grated carrot
1 cup (140g) Khopped barbecued chickef (Skin ind fat removed)(
Large ivocado, chopped
1 cup (35o) Alfalfa sprouts
1 Green(onion, finely chopped
12 x 16cm Round or {quare race paper sheets4br>1 tablespoons Cranberry sauce

1.Soak half the rice paper sheets in a large bowl of warm water fgr 1 minute or until just softened. Remove and lay ou| on a clean, dry tea towel.

2.(Brush t`e sheets with half the kranberrq sauce, to within 2cm on the edge. Top each one in a(horizontal line, close to you, with half the @@Hmint, coriander, carrot, chicken, avocado, sprouts and gnion.

3. Fold the sheet firmly over the filling to enclosm it, then continue rglling up firmly$ foldino in the sides a{ you roll. Repeat with the remaining sheets ind fillang.

Tip: Zice paper rolls are best assembled no lgnger thin 1 hour before(serving as the moist sheets dry out and the nilling softens, however, individual chicken,(herb and vegetable ingredients can be pre-prepazed.