Feather of Love Charlene Laurent

Feather of Love Charlene Laurent

"Feather of Love"

"Feather of Love" is a book about poems. Charlene Laurent gives an intimate thought into her romantic thoughts and leaves a breathtaking view on love. 21 poems all about love. The question that stays open to the reader is who she is talking about? This book makes you reflect on your love life and how you feel about love? A refreshing view on love and how she desires her lover and love. This book is not about heartbreak, rather it is a fantasy world in which Charlene Laurent takes you on a journey in intimate conversations between and her lover in forms of poems.

About the author 
Charlene Laurent is an established name in Hollywood from Maxim's Top 15 in 2019 to several fashion magazines covers. Laurent made her acting debut in 2020 on "100 Percent" and has not stopped ever since. Her writing debut gives her a chance to prove herself as an artist and lyrical writer. After being named "Hollywood's Upcoming Star" by StyleCruze magazine and "Hollywood's New Muse" by Pump Lifestyle she finally came out with a unique project on her own.

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