Camilla Franks POM Wonderful Interview

Camilla Franks POM Wonderful Interview

Camilla POM Wonderful Interview

POM Wonderful recently sponsored the Camilla Sydney show for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and Camilla Frank has shared her tips for how she keeps fit and healthy and looking fantastic!
POM Wonderful is made up 100% Pomegranate and has a host of health benefits.

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Interview with Camilla Franks

Question: In general, how do you keep fit and healthy?

Camilla Franks: It's all about having a balanced lifestyle, and getting out and about as much as possible! I start every day with an intense workout with my personal trainer, Adam Gibson, to kick start my mornings. I have an amazing regime focusing on strength, inner core and a lot of cardio. I also spend a lot of time with my two gorgeous dogs Beau and Gypsy, who keep me super active. On the health end of the spectrum I definitely stick to an all organic and gluten free diet; eating lots of high protein foods like Quinoa and cleansing my system with Chinese and fruit juices rich in anti-oxidants, such as pomegranate juice; one of my favourites is POM Wonderful. Red wine is another source of anti-oxidants that I'm rather fond of!

Question: As a designer you work long hours, what healthy snacks do you nibble on to keep alert?

Camilla Franks: I don't have time to snack during the day; my days are all just go-go-go! I occasionally have a handful almonds or bit of fruit but that's about it. Keeping hydrated during the day always helps with keeping me energetic and POM is also a great sugar substitute.

Question: How do you ensure you have time to exercise?

Camilla Franks: As I'm always on the go I try to make sure that I have an early night in the evening, not that it always works out that way! But I do try to ensure that I am able to work out in the mornings. Mornings are the best time for me because I'm able to give it my everything and it helps me get through my days.

Question: What motivates you when exercising?

Camilla Franks: My personal trainer Adam Gibson is an amazing motivation; he really pushes me to the max. He's very supportive of my lifestyle and tailors my workouts accordingly. The endorphins kick always adds a bit extra too.

Question: What are your top three female health tips?

Camilla Franks: Having a balanced life; Fulfilling your mind, body and soul. Firstly, If you haven't tried Yoga, definitely get yourself to a place that offers it --- it's amazing!
Secondly, harness the power of your breathing - exercise is the perfect place to practice this!
Lastly, take daily vitamins to boost your health and immune system; this is our engine girls and it's so vulnerable when you have a busy schedule!

Question: Sometimes it almost seems easier to quickly drive through the nearest take-away shop; how do you ensure you're eating right, when you're always on the run?

Camilla Franks: I love to cook and usually spend my Sunday afternoons cooking up at storm! This ensures I have food to pack for lunches for the coming week, and by having a plan makes meal times super easy when I'm on the run (and stops me from snacking on naughty things!). When you love the food you cook, you're not even tempted by greasy take away food.

Question: What's your favourite meal to cook, when you're at home?

Camilla Franks: I love embracing different cultures when I'm in the kitchen and for that reason everyone loves to come and dine! In Summer I love to cook ceviche, a dish derived from Peru - it's so fresh and incredibly delicious. In Winter it's all about keeping cosy and staying out of the cold weather, Oso Buco is the perfect dish - warm, hearty, amazing!

Question: When you're designing a collection, what inspires you?

Camilla Franks: I love to travel and I am always inspired by the people. Discovering new cultures and learning about their lifestyles, really helps me paint a picture in my mind as to what I want to express. My Spring Summer Collection 'Gypset' is inspired by the international 'Gyspetter' and the freedom they represent; the raw moments of travelling across the globe, learning about themselves and the places/people around them.

Question: How do you keep up to date with fashion trends?

Camilla Franks: I try to steer clear of the mainstream trends as it's important that my collections stay true to my inspirations and creative feeling. My creations tend to follow on from each other, creating trends of their own.

Question: What originally inspired you to begin designing?

Camilla Franks: Having been an actress and working in the theatre I was always inspired by the flamboyant and colourful characters that were on stage. I saw an opportunity to add to those characters through their costumes and from there-on my career exploded. People fell in love with my designs and I decided to move into fashion - this was when the Camilla label was born!

Interview by Brooke Hunter