Caitlin Min Fa Work In Progress

Caitlin Min Fa Work In Progress

Inspired by a composite of pop, ballad and gospel styles, singer songwriter Caitlin embodies all dynamics of her inspirations to create a unique and poised sound. Known for her honest, uplifting delivery, Caitlin reaches in to stimulate hearts through her raw emotion and her soaring vocal ability.

Making her presence known in Melbourne's pop scene, Caitlin is set to release her 2nd single 'Work In Progress' on March 27. Teaming up again with Rob Amoruso, 'WIP' is a power ballad, representing the motions of life and the process of figuring out who you are.

"Everybody is a work in progress … we don't have to have it all figured out yet. Just know that everything is unfolding, you're on your way and you're moving forward" Caitlin explains. "Your time is coming so trust the path, trust the process and trust the season".

The heartfelt, yet powerful intensity, oozes out vocally craving and encouraging endeavours. The song is suited with sentimental lyrics and reverberating tones, in the hope that it reminds you to be kind to yourself and just keep powering through uncertain times.

Caitlin's ultimate goal as an artist is to be able to inspire and lift others up. 'Work In Progress' compliments her debut 'Younger Self' and is a true reflection of her artistic intention.