Cahill Kelly and Harmony Byrne

Cahill Kelly and Harmony Byrne

Ahead of the release of his debut offering, Classical and Cool Jazz, landing on Wednesday 21 July via local label Cheersquad Records and Tapes, Melbourne indie-songsmith Cahill Kelly has revealed the album's striking second single, 'Beyond The Weathered Pale', featuring haunting co-vocals of esteemed singer-songwriter Harmony Byrne.

Initially inspired by a confronting dream that drove Kelly into an unhealthy spiral of 'what-ifs?', 'Beyond The Weathered Pale' is a moody piano arrangement that encapsulates the overpowering feeling of unease before reaching clarity.

The song's unusual composition is heightened by an ostensible anti-chorus that contrasts against the rhythm and dynamic of each verse, while the unplanned inclusion of Byrne's esoteric vocals elevates the song into a transcendent new dimension.

"When we originally demoed this track my friend Harmony Byrne happened to stop by to visit the house, and our engineer spontaneously asked her to jump in on the session," Kelly recalls.

"Having her sing in unison with me really amped up the melody, as it was an unusual register for me to sing in."