Robert DeLong Did It To Myself

Robert DeLong Did It To Myself

Robert DeLong has collaborated with Lights to bring us a groovy tune, "Did It To Myself" - out via Glassnote Records. The bouncy beat, electronic elements, and echoing horns make it hard to believe that this is a breakup song.

"Did it to Myself" is a song, first and foremost, about the inevitable breakup and infidelity fantasies that arise in most long-term relationships, and how those thoughts can infect and poison every interaction with your partner. I had created an instrumental and emailed it off from LA to Lights who is just north of Vancouver, Canada, and she almost immediately came back with the first pass of lyrics and melody. Somehow we were both on the same wavelength at the same time, and this telepathic link allowed us to finish the song together, remotely. As I was digging into the production on the track, I was listening to lots of dub and dub-techno (Scientist, Joe Gibbs, Pole, etc.), and that influence snuck in and melded with my production, creating a swirling mass of dub FX, drum machines, and real horns (recorded by Matt Appleton of Reel Big Fish and Goldfinger!)."
says Robert.

Known as a 'one man pop band', Robert DeLong's 2018 collaboration with K.Flay "Favorite Color is Blue" has been streamed over 14 million times worldwide. Over 400K fans tune in to DeLong on Spotify each month, and have racked up more than 23 million views on YouTube. He has shared the road with the likes of Twenty One Pilots, Charli XCX, Bleachers and AJR.

His 2015 sophomore album, In The Cards, yielded a string of fan favorite singles such as "Don't Wait Up" and the smash "Long Way Down", which peaked at #3 on the Alternative Chart and clocked over 40 million Spotify streams. The record garnered acclaim from Billboard, Baeble Music,, and more.

Robert DeLong's talents as a singer, songwriter, and producer continue to shine. This isn't his first time collaborating with another artist, proving he remains flexible and open with his creative abilities. He has a knack for creating music that's relatable and catchy, but unique in his own way.