Boo Seeka Never Enough Interview

Boo Seeka Never Enough Interview

Having just completed a sold-out 23-date NSW tour, today indie-electronic duo Boo Seeka, deliver new single 'Never Enough'. It is the third single from the duo's upcoming second album which will be released in 2021.

A sure-fire summer jam with bouncy beats and a feel-good melody, 'Never Enough' has its beginnings pre-2020 but the track took on a whole new meaning this year.

Says the band: "We always knew this idea was organically going to take on full vacation vibes when the lead string idea accidentally got stuck on repeat over the original drum beat. It was the epic mistake that made this song for us. Most of the songs go down a few different rabbit holes before we feel the right inspiration in the studio. But to be honest this was all off the back of us getting hypnotised by what is now the bridge. That came first before the verses and chorus. It put all of us in the studio in a trance. All talking about how epic it would be dancing to this lyric loop and beat at a festival or a retro vibe club with disco balls. We honestly must have listened to the loop for 30 mins straight before we kept biking the rest of the song."

Since breaking out in 2015 with their debut hit 'Kingdom Leader', which has since accumulated over 15 million streams, Boo Seeka have dominated national consciousness and for good reason. The pair's dynamic energy both in the studio and on stage has allowed them to stand out amongst Australia's thriving music scene and stand the test of time.

Boo Seeka's 2017 debut album Never Too Soon was met with global acclaim with triple j describing the record as a "beautifully crafted, worldly-sounding body of work". The album debuted at #8 on the ARIA album charts and earned the home-grown heroes coveted spots on esteemed festival line ups Beyond The Valley, Groovin The Moo and Splendour In The Grass as well as selling out numerous headline tours across Australia, North America and Europe.

Interview with Boo Seeka

Question: How would you describe your music?

Boo Seeka: I guess you would call it electronic. But I feel we mix it up with every release.

Question: Can you tell us about your latest single "Never Enough"?

Boo Seeka: With everything going on in 2020, we just wanted to create a summer anthem for ourselves that would get us pumped up for summer and something that would get us keen to play live again.

Question: Is there a particular message you hope listeners take from your music?

Boo Seeka: The messages through our lyrics are written in a way that the listener can interpret them any way they feel. Imagine it like looking at an abstract painting. It may make you feel something totally different from what it makes us feel and the artist that created it.

Question: Do you prefer performing live or recording?

Boo Seeka: They both offer something completely different. There's nothing like the 'light bulb' moment happen in the studio. That feeling we get when we know that we are onto something. When it comes to playing live, hearing the crowd sing along to something that we have created is pretty amazing.

Question: Which is your favourite song to perform live and why?

Boo Seeka: We are going to be greedy and throw a few in! 'Never Enough', 'Does This Last' and 'Turn Up Your Light'. These three songs all have epic moments in our live set that we look forward to every time we play. Also, we are going to say 'Kingdom Leader' as it was the first song we wrote and where it all started for us.

Question: Tell us about your sold-out 23-date NSW tour?

Boo Seeka: That tour was a whole new experience for us. We stripped back all of our songs, and the crowds were sitting down, which was different. We didn't think we were going to enjoy it as much as a normal show but it definitely amazing seeing everyone experience our music in a different way.

Question: Can we expect an upcoming tour?

Boo Seeka: Of course!!! If you follow Boo, you know we love to tour. We just have to wait and see what we are allowed to do due to covid.

Question: If you could have anyone, in the world, attend a show, who would it be?

Boo Seeka: Bruce Buffer, so he could introduce the show.

Question: What is the story behind the band name?

Boo Seeka: We have never told anyone the meaning behind the name, and we never will. There's not much you can't find on the internet these days but this will be one of those things.

Question: What or who was your inspiration to go into the music industry?

Boo Seeka: Our parents. We grew up with music blaring every day and I think it has helped us stay out of trouble to a certain extent.

Question: If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be?

Boo Seeka: Dua Lipa, she's insane.

Question: What is the biggest challenge you have faced along the way to your musical success?

Boo Seeka: Remembering that music is art and not everyone is going to like what you create. Understanding the importance of staying true to ourselves and continuing to write what we believe in.

Question: What's a typical day like?

Boo Seeka: Wake up, surf check, coffee, studio, a bowl of pho, studio, dinner, studio, red wine, home, sleep, wake up, repeat...

Question: What's next, for you?

Boo Seeka: Album number 2 baaaaby...... and a whole lot of touring, we hope.

Question: Can you share your socials? (links please)

Boo Seeka: Website 

Interview by Gwen van Montfort