Find The Best Pet, For Your Lifestyle

Find The Best Pet, For Your Lifestyle

Hold the Elevator – Rise of Apartments No Barrier to Pet Ownership

Melbourne and Sydney in particular have been experiencing an apartment boom over the last decade. Sydney is well ahead of the average for apartment living, with flats now accounting for 28% of housing. Between 2012 and 2015 78,000 units were approved, RBA figures show, an increase of 18% on the existing apartment stock*.

Melbourne's apartment boom has seen the number of apartments within the Hoddle Grid more than double between 2005 and 2015*.

But PETstock Vet Dr Melanie Kuehn says apartment living is no reason to give up on the dream of owning a pet.

'While issues around having a pet in a rental can still pose a barrier to some apartment dwellers, those lucky enough to have landlord permission or own their own property should not be deterred by a smaller dwelling," she said.

'Cats, rabbits, birds and even some caged reptiles are fantastic pet choices for apartment living, and people may be shocked to know some dog breeds (big and small) are well suited to life in a high-rise.

'Contrary to popular belief, some of the larger low energy breeds including Great Danes, Greyhounds and Burmese Mountain Dogs are suitable choices for apartment living. They're often big couch potatoes and are happy with just an hour or so of exercise twice daily.

'With Victoria expected to introduce amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act in 2018 to give pet owners more rights and pressure mounting on the New South Wales Government to do the same, there's no better time to start looking for the perfect apartment pet."

In the last two financial years, RSPCA Victoria's figures revealed that 1154 cats and dogs needed to be surrendered by renters who were no longer able to keep them in rental accommodation. Now that the laws are changing, there's much more hope for renters and their animal friends*.

PETstock's tips for keeping indoor pets entertained:

Create a personal space in a quiet corner for your pet to relax. Ensure there is a soft surface to snuggle into.
Vary your daily walks – new routes provide exposure to exciting smells and different stimulation.
Consider doggie daycare or a dog walker once or twice a week in addition to your daily walks to help meet your dog's exercise requirements.
Play indoor games and leave out a range of safe toys to keep pets entertained while you're away. An automated laser pointer for your curious cat will provide lots of fun. Try a treat dispensing toy for a food-obsessed pooch, such as the Kong Puppy, Classic or Extreme from $13.99 each or the Kong Cat Wobbler, $48.99 each for cats.
Visit a dog park – there's no better way for apartment dogs to happily and quickly exert their energy.
Quiet, calm and low energy breeds are all ideal qualities for an apartment dog.

Top breeds well suited to apartment living:

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: This is a small breed dog, who is very good with children and other pets. They make wonderful family dogs.

Greyhounds: Remarkably lazy for a dog with such athletic ability. They still enjoy their walks, especially when interspersed with long periods of rest. They're generally very quiet and calm, however they do have a strong chasing instinct.
Poodle: A toy or miniature poodle has a small stature and sheds little hair. Poodles are very intelligent and loving.
Shih-Tzu: A great lap dogs, their small size and cuddly nature helps them fit in anywhere.
Dachshund: They come in a variety of colours and coat styles. Their short limbs and stature makes them ideal for indoor living.

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