BBQ Bananas with Caramel Rum Sauce & Coconut Shortbread

BBQ Bananas with Caramel Rum Sauce & Coconut Shortbread

Serves: 6
Prep: 20 mins
Cooking time: 50 minutes

6 Cavendish bananas
Vanilla ice cream, to serve

Coconut Shortbread:
1 ½ cups plain flour
½ cup desiccated coconut
½ cup caster sugar
125g butter, chilled, cubed
2 tbs chilled water

Caramel Rum Sauce:
1 cup white sugar
180ml thickened cream, at room temperature
⅓ cup dark rum

To make the shortbread; combine all the ingredients in a food processor. Process until shortbread comes together. Turn onto a lightly floured surface and knead gently until smooth. Wrap in grease-proof paper and refrigerate for 30 minutes to rest.
Preheat oven 200˚C fan forced. Roll the shortbread out on a sheet of baking paper to form a 1cm-thick, 25cm circle. Lift (still on the paper) onto a large flat baking tray. Score right through into 12 triangles. Bake for 25-30 minutes or until shortbread is light golden. Remove from the oven, stand 3 minutes then carefully re-score the shortbread. Set aside to cool.
For the caramel rum sauce, pour the sugar into a clean saucepan over medium heat. Cook, stirring occasionally with a wooden spoon until the sugar melts and turns deep golden. Remove from the heat, carefully pour in the combined cream and rum (sugar will spit a little and turn to toffee). Return pan to medium-high heat, cook stirring constantly for 5-8 minutes until the toffee dissolves and sauce is smooth. Simmer gently, without stirring for 5 minutes to thicken slightly.
Preheat flat barbecue plate on medium-high. Split the bananas in half lengthways, leaving them in their skins. Brush the surface with caramel rum sauce. Place a sheet of baking paper onto the hot barbecue plate, cook bananas in batches, cut side down for 3-5 minutes until lightly charred.
Serve bananas with coconut shortbread, a scoop ice cream drizzled with more caramel rum sauce.

For kid friendly, replace the dark rum with an extra 100ml thickened cream.
If you don't have a barbecue, you can cook the bananas in a non-stick pan. Cut rounds of baking paper to fit the base of the pan.
The caramel rum sauce will keep for 4 weeks in the fridge in a clean airtight jar.