Boost your child's energy and confidence

Boost your child's energy and confidence

Breakfast Trifle Jars



  • 1 cup apple or pear juice
  • 400g dried fruit salad mix
  • 1½ cups Greek yoghurt
  • 6 (160g each) lady finger bananas sliced
  • 2 passionfruit, halved
  • 1 cup toasted muesli
  • Milk to serve, optional


Pour the juice into a medium saucepan. Add the dried fruit, simmer over medium heat for 5-6 minutes or until fruit soft and plump. Refrigerate to cool.

Spoon the dried fruit and any juices into base 4 jars or glasses. Top with yoghurt, banana, passionfruit, muesli. Serve with extra milk if you like.


Tip you can replace the dried fruit with fresh berries, figs, grapes or stone fruit when in season.

For Vegan option, replace the yoghurt with coconut yoghurt and milk with chilled coconut milk



With the new school year approaching, Aussie parents are looking to send their kids back into the classroom fuelled with the confidence to have fun with their friends. New research by Australian Bananas reveals that after months of being at home, 43% think their child is nervous about returning to the classroom. 


Constant changes over the last two years have taken a toll, with the research highlighting that 4 in 10 (41%) Aussie parents feel their child's confidence has suffered and are most worried about their ability to make conversation in person or make new friends (34%). 


To kick off the new school year well, almost half (48%) of Aussie parents think their child needs additional support and over three-quarters (76%) of Aussie parents are considering giving their child tips on how to start conversations with easy conversation topics to help break the ice. 


In an effort to fuel classroom conversations and playground fun, Australian Bananas is encouraging parents to share conversation topics with their children. This can be as easy as including a fun note with conversation starters in your children's lunchbox, or creating your own back-to-school banana with fun downloadable conversation starters from the Australian Bananas website such as "What's the longest word you know?" and "What was the best thing you did over the holidays?" A back-to-school banana is all about fuelling the fun for the year ahead. Australian Bananas are 100% natural energy, and along with conversation starters in your child's lunchbox, they are the perfect fuel for back to school.


As a mother of two children heading back to school this year, Jessica Rowe is championing creating back-to-school bananas to add natural energy and fun to your child's lunchbox and shares her tried and tested tips with fellow parents to make sure the new term starts off a success. 


"It can be tough getting back into a routine - especially given the past couple of years! The start of the school year can be chaotic and stressful. So I'm all for common sense and fun ways to support our kids to get back to the classroom. I love a chat- so talking with our kids is a way to check in with how they're feeling. Talking while you walk them to school or are in the car together works for me. And it's a lovely idea to put notes in their lunchboxes. It could be a joke, something that says you're thinking of them, or an idea for a conversation!" said Rowe.


As Aussie parents switch into the back-to-school routine, 62% admit that they are looking to ensure their child eats a healthier diet to help fuel their fun in and out of the classroom. This starts with packing a healthier lunch box, with 54% of parents looking to include an Australian Banana over chips and crackers (47%) or sweets (43%).


Dietitian Susie Burrell says, "Packing healthy lunches and snacks is so important to keep our kids fuelled with the right energy to concentrate, learn and play all day. After being at home for so long, it's understandable that parents are looking for a little extra support and inspiration for school lunches."


"Keeping the kids fuelled is the priority, so you're looking for foods that are rich in folate, magnesium and vitamin B, such as bananas which help to boost your mood and are a quick and easy lunch box snack that provides all the natural, long-lasting energy kids need to get back out and play," added Burrell.


Packed full of honest-to-goodness natural energy and a convenient lunchbox essential – Aussie parents can now create their own back-to-school banana by adding handwritten notes to their child's lunchbox or by printing the downloadable Australian Bananas conversation starters at


Australian Bananas are available year-round at all major grocery, independent and local food markets.