Baby Sticky Bowl

Baby Sticky Bowl
Mess-free Meals for little tackers!

Baby Sticky Bowl™ is an ingenious device invented by Australian Chef, Mauro Felici. It has been designed to stick childrens feeding bowls to the surface of their high chair or table top, making it easier for little people to feed themselves. Baby Sticky Bowl™ not only gives children the confidence to feed themselves, but also makes meal times less messy. When the bowl of food is secured, your little angel cant drop it on the floor or throw it across the room!

Most parents know that when their child starts to feed themselves, a certain amount of mess ensues! This is because children are unable to hold a bowl whilst using a spoon or fork. The bowl often moves around as they chase the food with their utensil or, in frustration, can be tipped or thrown off the eating surface.

Up until now parents have either lived with the mess or have denied their child the spoon or fork for too long to avoid the mess. The new Baby Sticky Bowl means children can learn to feed themselves early and parents do not have to worry about steam cleaning the carpet after every meal!

With Baby Sticky Bowl™, parents can use any of their childrens bowls or plates and stick them to the feeding surface.

Baby Sticky Bowl™ is completely food safe and heat resistant. Made from non porous high quality food grade silicone, it wont trap odours and is dishwasher safe.

For a stockist near you go to or call 1300 669 642. Baby Sticky Bowl™ retails for $12.95.

Review: Bring some sanity back to food time and save yourself the messy clean up. Brilliant!