Avoid the Winter Blues with FIJI Water

Avoid the Winter Blues with FIJI Water

It can be easy to forego our healthy routine during the winter months in exchange for comfort and warmth. However, its more important than ever to keep your body hydrated and energized at this time of year.

In winter we use artificial heating to warm our homes and offices. Because of this, its essential to keep ourbodies hydrated with water and avoid tight skin, itchy eyes and dry hair from over-exposure to the elements.Of course, when hydrating there are plenty of ordinary waters to choose from, and then theres FIJI Water.

FIJI Water is a natural artesian water that comes from a protected underground aquifer. The water, which starts as rainfall, filters through layers of volcanic rock over hundreds of years, gathering vital minerals along the way that give FIJI Water its unique and refreshing taste.

FIJI Water provides your body with the essential minerals and electrolytes that it needs to stay healthy andhydrated. . In addition to containing high levels of silica, which may strengthen your hair, skin and nails, FIJIWater also contains naturally occurring electrolytes such as calcium, magnesium and bicarbonates that arecritical for muscle and nerve health. Regular intake of water may assist in staving off illness or thecommon cold during the colder months.

FIJI Waters unique mineral profile offers additional benefits:

RESTORE YOUR BALANCE - The human body has a natural pH balance of 7.3-7.4, and most bottledwaters are around 6.5. FIJI Water has a balance of 7.5, making it the ideal beverage to maintain andrestore the bodys pH equilibrium.

EFFECTIVE REHYDRATION - Every cell and organ in the body, even your skin, functions best when itswell hydrated. Because FIJI Water is a natural artesian water and is free from all artificial additives, it is theperfect hydration solution when you are feeling lethargic and unmotivated.

INCREASE YOUR ENERGY LEVELS - In winter we find it hard to stick to an exercise routine and as aresult have less energy. One litre of FIJI Water contains 13mg of magnesium. Magnesium has been shownto release energy, build protein and keep the heart rhythm steady and ensure proper nerve and musclefunction1.

FULL FLUSH - Drinking sufficient clean water is essential for ensuring the good health of your digestivesystem, especially your bladder and bowel, promoting good digestion, preventing constipation andprotecting the bladder from cystitis2 during the months when we are more susceptible to illness.Allow your body to stay hydrated and healthy this winter with FIJI Water.

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