Australia's Own Organic

Australia's Own Organic

With the release of the 2012 Organic Market report on Friday 26th of October, Australia's Own Organic (AOO) is urging consumers to reach for Australian Certified Organic (ACO) accredited products when next making a trip down the supermarket aisle.

In what's now valued as a billion dollar industry in Australia , figures highlight that non-alcoholic Organic beverages are currently the most reached for Organic products in Australia, therefore it's little wonder that Australia's Own Organic is leading the way with their range of alternative milk products including Almond, Rice and Soy milk.

Chief Executive Officer of Freedom Foods Brands (parent company of Australia's Own Organic), Michael Bracka, says that the findings of the report support the view that Australian consumers are drawn to products that cater to both health and lifestyle needs as well as their desire for access to products that are 100% certified Organic.

'Until recently, Organic products were seen as items reserved for specialist health stores that came at a significant cost to the consumer. Now, with over one million Australians claiming they purchase organic food weekly and within that, non-alcoholic Organic beverages being the most highly consumed product, the demand for alternative milks such as our Almond, Soy and Rice milks has increased allowing us to almost double our sales and market share in the last two years.

As highlighted in the Organic Market Report, the mainstreaming of Organic products is providing Australian households the opportunity to make purchases they feel good about physically, consciously and now, perhaps most importantly, financially with our range of products priced competitively within the market. With the AOMR showing that over a third of Australia's Organic consumers will not buy a product that is not certified, our products are increasingly catering to these needs," Bracka adds.

Dr. Andrew Monk, Director of the Biological Farmers of Australia (commissioners of the AOMR), says that the growth of the Organic market and the introduction of alternative milks is an area that is seeing huge traction in Australia.

'The report is instrumental for the Organic market and understanding how people are embracing the industry in addition to breaking down what they are looking for when choosing specific items," says Dr. Monk.

'What has become extremely apparent is that consumers are primarily driven by understanding a product's Organic credentials and are now conscious of reaching for brands that carry a 100% per cent certification – such as Australia's Own Organics."

With non-alcoholic Organic beverages now a firm fixture on the Australian shopping list, the alternative milk revolution is here to stay.

Australia's Own Organic Almond, Soy and Rice milks are available at Coles, Woolworths and independent retailers (IGA) nationally.
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