Aussie Mineral Makeup

Aussie Mineral Makeup

Aussie Mineral Makeup Mineral Powder Foundation

This beautiful, silky powder foundation is a concealer and powder in one. It will leave you feeling like you're not wearing any makeup at all. So say goodbye to that heavy caked- on feeling and hello to a smooth silky feel with a flawless finish.

To use as a foundation simply apply dry in thin layers for a lighter natural look coverage, or you can even choose to apply wt for a complete coverage. Mineral powder foundation has natural sunscreen, is virtually waterproof and will not clog pores. To use as concealer take a little on your concealer brush and apply to areas as needed, then using your kabuki brush apply your foundation as normal.

A little mineral powder foundation can also be added to a moisturiser to make your own liquid foundation if you prefer.

Colours: Dark, Dark Brown, Deep Mediterranean, Medium Beige, Olive, Warm Medium Honey, Medium Cool, Medium Olive Beige, Fair, Indian, Ivory, Neutral.

RRP: $44.95

Aussie Mineral Makeup Mineral Bronzer

A light dust of bronzer does wonders putting the glow back in to tired or pale skin. Bronzer can be used on areas of the face where the sun usually hits such as cheeks, nose, chin, forehead and can also be used as face powders and highlighters. It is also great to use on arms and legs.

This bronzer is very concentrated only a small amount is needed for great results. Swirl the brush into the container, tap off the excess then gently apply in sweeping strokes. Bronzer can also be used as blush for those wanting to retain natural look.

Bronzer powder can also be added to your body lotion or moisturiser.

Colours: Bronzed Tan, Soft Chestnut.

RRP: $44.95

Aussie Mineral Makeup Mineral Blush

Mineral blush has a gorgeous soft silky texture that blends very easily. Use a blush brush to take a small amount of mineral blush colour from the lid and tap off the excess. Apply sparingly as it is easier to reapply than it is to remove. Blending is the secret to a professional look. Not only recommended for use as a blush but can also be used on lips, and eyes.

Colours: Misty Mauve, Sparkling Rose, Pink Salmon, Dusty Pink.

RRP: $24.95

Aussie Mineral Makeup Mineral Eye Shadow

Trendy intense pigments without synthetic colours or dyes are perfect for creating a statement.

Apply a small amount of eye primer gel to the eye lid before applying mineral powder colours. This will give a smooth surface to work with and help the shadow to stay on all day.

Place your eye shadow brush into your choice of colour and press it in. Tap off the excess and apply to eyelid by patting on. Use the density cream under shadows to create deep shades or add a little water to eye shadow powder to create a creamy rich shadow.

Aussie Mineral Makeup powder colours are extremely versatile. They can be used as eye shadow, blush, body shimmer or even lip colour.

Colours: Copper, Frosted Purple, Gold, Midnight Blue, Mushroom Pink, Purple Stars, Spearmint, Aqua, Silver Grey.

RRP: $29.95

Aussie Mineral Makeup Luscious Mineral Lip Gloss

Shiny, long lasting and creamy. Infused with vitamin E and jojoba oil, lip gloss is truly luscious and moisturising. Use lip gloss alone or over the top of the cream trio colours, mega mineral pencils or lipstick.

RRP: $32.00

Colours: Apricot Pink, Clear, Misty Pink, Mulberry, Pink Gold, Sienna , Wineberry.

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