50 Great e-Businesses and the minds behind them

50 Great e-Businesses and the minds behind them

Another book of business case studies - short, sharp and motivational - from the authors of the bestselling 100 GREAT BUSINESSES AND THE MINDS BEHIND THEM.

Creating profitable businesses on the internet is no mean feat and, as anyone who has watched the rise of eBay or Amazon knows, the web has forever changed the way we do business. Now the bestselling authors of 100 GREAT BUSINESSES AND THE MINDS BEHIND THEM take a look at some of the smartest, most profitable internet businesses operating today, and reveal that whether big, small, local or on the other side of the planet, when it's web business, it's a small, fascinating world, with potentially limitless opportunities.

This collection of 50 case studies from around the world offers valuable inspiration, ideas and lessons on the principles of successful internet businesses - from travel (kayak.com) to sex (Danni Ashe), in cyberspace there is a new way to sell everything. The founders of sites like lastminute.com, netaporter.com and collegehumor.com provide lasting lessons on the art of building an e-business success rather than a dot.com bomb. It's all about web innovation, timing and tapping into those billions of customers.

50 GREAT E-BUSINESSES AND THE MINDS BEHIND THEM delves into thriving sites in the areas of travel, gambling, sex, retail, blogging, medical testing, financial services, celebrities, astrology and other entertainment. And with fresh updates on Google, Dell, and CraigsList covering all of their innovations, where better to look for e-business advice than from the world's best?

Random House Australia
Author: Ross & Holland
ISBN: 9781741664591 / 1741664594
RRP: $34.95


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