Yum! Bread

Yum! Bread

Yum! Bread

Enter Yum! Bread's Unique Sandwich Competition and win one of four $250 Coles vouchers.
Plus 5 runners up will receive a Yum! Bread prize pack including two loaves of Yum! Bread and plate pack.

Does your mum make the best sandwich? Or did you think cheese and chocolate spread was a good idea at the time and it didn't turn out so well? Have you ever used a whole loaf of bread to build a giant sandwich?

And what about the mum's out there? Do you have a healthy and delicious sandwich your kids love but is also good for them?

Yum! Bread wants to hear from you! Yum! Bread is asking kids (and their parents) to submit the yummiest, weirdest, biggest and healthiest Yum! Bread sandwich!The categories are:
Yummiest: Have you created the best sandwich ever? Do your friends beg you to swap lunches at school? simply tell us your favourite and most delicious sandwich recipe and we'll be the judge.
Weirdest: This one requires some creativity. Think of the strangest and most unique combinations and send them in to us! Whether its hundreds and thousands with apple slices or ham and Cheerios we want to know your weirdest combination!
Biggest: Put your hard hats on and get ready to build! The biggest sandwich can be long, tall, fat or stacked. Use any (edible) ingredients you can think of, and send us in your architectural masterpiece!
Healthiest: It's easy to make a healthy sandwich with Yum! Bread with 30% higher levels of fibre and protein and the added benefit of Chia seeds providing Omega 3 for young minds. And we want you to send us your recipe for a sandwich which is good for you and tastes good as well!

To enter simply head to YumBread.com.au and upload your photo and recipe to the website. The top five from each category will be put on Facebook for everyone to try. The recipe with the most votes, wins!

Yum! Bread's range of delicious bread are baked fresh daily in their Victorian bakery. Yum! Bread is boosted with Chia Seeds - the super healthy bread has something for everyone because you can choose from White, Wholemeal, Sunflower and Linseed and Farmer's Grain Yum! Bread.