You Beauty!

You Beauty!

You Beauty!

The ultimate manual to a healthier, happier life!

Being fit and toned is not just about slogging it out on a treadmill. It's a result of focusing energy on living right. In You Beauty! taekwondo expert, fitness guru, and all round health concierge Tiffiny Hall emphasises the importance of practicing healthy living in every facet of your life and demonstrates how to do so.

In an ideal world we would wake up knowing exactly what works best for our bodies, but it doesn't happen that way. It takes time, trials, mistakes and lessons to learn what's good for you - unique, different, one-of-a-kind you.

Whether you're a fitness fanatic or a first-timer, Tiffiny explains that she like you has dealt with being ultra fit and then ultra unmotivated and had to learn what worked for her to earn her health halo.

You Beauty! addresses eating choices and habits, thinking positively, management of stress in order to overcome it, as well as the benefits and hows of planning your life so you can exercise effectively and fast. Full of tips and tricks to arm you with some healthy choices to move you towards your goal: be it to lose weight, tone up, simply maintain a healthy glow or increase energy to make life easier.

Tiffiny also includes her favourite healthy, low calorie recipes! You Beauty! features fun design, stacks of inspiring photographs and quotes, and tried and tested methods for getting you looking and feeling wonderful.

Tiffiny Hall has many titles tucked under her black belt. Among her many talents, Tiffiny is a 5th Dan taekwondo instructor, a Logie nominated TV presenter, sports coach, and has penned columns in major magazines including Cosmopolitan, Cleo, Marie Claire and Women's Health & Fitness. She is also a successful children's author of four novels. This year sees Tiffiny's return to the popular Channel 10 programme The Biggest Loser Families as the White Team trainer.

You Beauty!
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Author: Tiffiny Hall
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