World Egg Day

World Egg Day

Sunny Queen encourages Aussies to get egg-cited and 'Feel Good' this World Egg Day

Today, on World Egg Day, Australia's favourite smiley-faced egg farmers, Sunny Queen Australia is asking, 'how do you like your eggs?'.

Working passionately for more than 50 years, Sunny Queen's mission had been to provide high quality, great tasting eggs and egg products, all while focusing on the welfare of its hens and making its customers 'Feel Good'.

"In 2020, we've all faced challenges, but this World Egg Day is a great opportunity to 'Feel Good' and get creative with friends and family and to have some fun in the kitchen," said Sunny Queen Australia General Manager of Marketing and Innovation, Isabelle Dench.

"We want Aussies to celebrate the day, to whisk up something fun with their kids or prepare egg-ceptional dishes to share with colleagues or friends, all while using nutritious Sunny Queen eggs.

"Eggs are jam packed full of nutritional goodness and play a major role in maintaining a healthy diet. With an average six grams of protein in every egg*, and 11 vitamins and minerals including Omega-3, vitamins A, B12, D and E, folate, riboflavin, iron, zinc, among others, eggs are not only delicious but very nutritious," said Isabelle.

So, how do you like your eggs?

If you're thinking boiled, fried, poached or scrambled are your only options, Sunny Queen's team of food technicians invites you to get creative and discover a world of egg-citing ways to eat an egg!

See below an original tasty egg-based recipe from the team at Sunny Queen Australia which are designed to help you celebrate World Egg Day 2020:

Meringue Kisses

• Four large Sunny Queen Farms egg whites at room temperature
• 220g caster sugar
• One tablespoon white vinegar
• Red food colour (just a few drops)

Step 1. Pre heat oven to 120°c
Step 2. Pour the white vinegar into your electric mixing bowl and (with a clean paper towel) wipe all over the bowl as well as the whisk attachment – leaving some drops of residual vinegar helps give the meringue volume
Step 3. Add egg whites to the bowl and start on low speed to break down the whites, then gradually increase speed until soft peaks are formed
Step 4. Continue to whisk on medium-high, very gradually pouring in the caster sugar
Step 5. Turn up to high to form very firm peaks and beat until the sugar has dissolved
Step 6. Scoop half of the finished meringue into a separate bowl and dot with red food colour. Mix gently and only a couple of times through to get different distribution of colour – you don't want uniform colour
Step 7. In the first bowl of meringue, add a couple of drops of food colouring and continue to whisk to get an even baby pastel pink colour
Step 8. Fill a piping bag with the mixtures (alternating between the two as you fill). Use both a star nozzle and plain nozzle and pipe "kisses" (tiny meringues!) onto a baking tray lined with baking paper
Step 9. Turn oven down to 90°c and cook the kisses for 1.5 hours
Step 10. Remove from oven and allow to cool completely. Store in air-tight container for up to a week

"At Sunny Queen, we'd love to see all of the marvellous egg creations you make in celebration of World Egg Day, so please tag us on Facebook (@SunnyTheEgg), and share your recipes as we'd love to promote your posts and recipes to all of our followers and inspire them to get creative in the kitchen as well," said Isabelle

For more egg-cellent 'Feel Good' recipes and information around the benefits of eggs, head to the Sunny Queen Australia website: