Winemaking Tasmania

Winemaking Tasmania

Winemaking Tasmania have just introduced two new tasty tipples, a dry cider and a sparkling fruit fusion (a new category).

Winemaking Tasmania create some of Tasmania's finest wines and ciders, using only local Tasmanian grown produce from vineyards and orchards across the state's pristine landscape. With quality and taste at the forefront, every wine and cider made follows no set recipe. Instead, each drop is tailor made to represent the provenance from which its fruits are sourced.

Blushing Lady Sparkling Fruit Fusion: A cross between a wine and a cider, Blushing Lady offers a blend of hand-picked and sorted Tasmanian apples, cherries and Pinot Noir grapes, that are pressed, fermented, then skilfully blended and lightly carbonated. The result is a unique union of flavours offering a refreshing palette for easy drinking enjoyment. This brand new 'sparkling fruit fusion' category is an exciting venture for the company, as it serves as a more approachable choice to new wine drinkers.

Aroma: Lifted aromas of cherries with subtle sweet forest floor characters and a hint of spice
Palette: Flavours of cherry and alluring dark spice, with subtle crisp apple nuances
ABV: 8.0%
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Black Devil Cider: Crafted and made from 100% fresh Tasmanian hand-picked apples that are sorted and washed, before being milled and undergoing a long, cool fermentation. The outcome is a beautifully balanced cider that reserves the crisp, fresh taste Tasmanian apples are renowned for. Proving to be a devilish temptation in the industry, Black Devil has already won Silver at GLINTCAP 2018.

Aroma: Bright fruit notes, clean, balanced apples, vanilla and orange blossom
Palette: Crisp with a dry, clean finish
ABV: 5.0%
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