Wife 22

Wife 22

Wife 22

Journalist and bestselling author of 2009's The Slippery Year, Melanie Gideon, is back with her highly anticipated new novel, Wife 22- a juicy 21st-century expose about all the things women think about every day, but never dare to say.

When Alice Buckle agrees to participate in an anonymous research study on modern marriage, she has no idea how dramatically her life is about to change. As she struggles to provide honest answers to the questionnaires administered by a researcher known as 101, she experiences a reawakening. It's been years since anybody has asked her such intimate questions and listened so closely to what she thinks, feels, hopes, fears and dreams.

Gideon says 'After writing The Slippery Year people (women AND men) started confessing to me what they really felt about their marriages, sex, fidelity, parenting, aging, midlife, etc-I guess because I had done the same in my memoir... I was struck by how powerful the act of confession can be, especially when one is promised anonymity. That's where the idea of the marriage survey came in...'

'I knew from the beginning I wanted Wife 22 to be a love story. This couple finding a way back to one another" says Gideon, and indeed, she has left no emotional rock unturned: sex, aging, parenthood, love, marriage and happiness are all out on the table in this beguiling work of fiction, already optioned by Working Title films.

Note to reviewers: This book is completely mesmerising!

Author of the bestseller The Slippery Year: A Meditation on Happily Ever After (Knopf). Published in France, Israel, Hungary and the UK, The Slippery Year received critical acclaim as an NPR and San Francisco Chronicle Best Book of 2009, an Amazon Book Club Selection and an Indie Notable Book. Melanie Gideon is also the author of two young adult novels: Pucker (Penguin) and The Map that Breathed (Henry Holt) both New York Public Library Books for the Teen Age and ALA Best Book finalists. She has written for the New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, More, Shape, the London Times, the Daily Mail and Marie Claire.

Wife 22
Harper Collins Australia
Author: Melanie Gideon
ISBN: 9780007425488
Price: $27.99