The Lily and the Lion

The Lily and the Lion

The Lily and the Lion

Separated in infancy, rediscovered by chance, can they unravel a mystery and find a way to reunite? Wistful and passionate, the wayward Cecile d'Armagnac has enjoyed the indulgent childhood of a French noble, but life for the young woman is about to change when she learns of her sister.

Catherine Pembroke, a naïve novice, has endured a lonely existence behind convent walls, but when Cecile d'Armagnac's letter is intercepted by the malicious Earl of Salisbury, the shy nun is thrust into a dangerous and foreign world. Placed into the custody of a cynical knight, Simon Marshall, Catherine struggles to unravel a past that threatens her future as William of Salisbury begins his own hunt - after the girls - hoping to use them as pawns in his desperate quest for power.

In an age when women have no control over their lives, Cecile and Catherine find themselves immersed into political turbulence, intrigue, danger and romance. Their hopes of meeting are thwarted by the powerful men around them - even as they provide both distraction and passion, for none appear to be who they claim.

The Lily and the Lion will catapult you into a world when knighthood was revered and love was to be cherished.

The Lily and the Lion
Sid Harta Publishers
Authors: Catherine A. Wilson and Catherine T. Wilson
ISBN: 1921829877
Price: $24.95




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