Wicked Wines Add a little LUST to your life!

Wicked Wines Add a little LUST to your life!
We're all looking for something different, something that sparks the imagination, gives us just that little extra "Lust in our lives".

When something comes along that is out there and different you look at it and just know you have to have it! That's exactly what comes to mind when you discover Wicked Wines!. Created for young women who enjoy the fun aspects of socialising and don't take life (or themselves!) too seriously.

With varieties like Lust Fruity White Tingle and Envy Wicked White Shiraz this is a brand with a history and a national Marketing Award under its petite belt. Anyway, who wouldn't want to experience a little bit of Wickedness!

"Lust is by far the most popular of our two varieties, deliciously sweet and fruity with a slight tingle on the tongue." said Cate Robinson, Director of Wicked Wines!

"The fact that our customers can log onto our website and order anything from a small teaser pack of 187ml mini's, - two bottles of either Lust or Envy - to a whole case, pay securely and then have their wine just turn up within a few days makes it too easy!" she went on to say.

Wicked Wines! has built up a strong, loyal following over the years and as new young women enter the wine market they find Wicked Wines a refreshing alternative to traditional brands that their parents have consumed for years. In fact according to Cate Robinson, young customers are known to have introduced their parents to Wicked Wines!, "You would be amazed at the amount of people who enjoy a sweet, reduced acid wine... super easy to drink" Add to that the further benefit that Lust Fruity White Tingle for example has just 6.5% alcohol content and these are wines that are easy to drink and full of fun and enjoyment.

Check your biorythms or download a party idea from Wicked Wines. For something a little different try the Voodoo Party with its own downloadable MP3 jungle beat and fully designed party invitation. Great for the summer months when you're desperate to offer your friends something they haven't experienced before. What could be easier!

Wicked Wines International Pty. Ltd.
132 O'Connell Street, North Adelaide South Australia 5006
Telephone: 08 8248 4060

Review: Wicked Wines is a breathe of fresh air, fun, fruity and full of flavour!
Great gift idea all year round and especially for those hard to buy christmas presents.

*The legal age for alcohol in Australia is 18*